Did you know that more than 80 percent of U.S. consumers try to eat healthily but find indulgent foods just too tempting? Similarly, a research study from Mintel revealed that 43 percent of Americans think that our modern society makes it incredibly difficult to be healthy. If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling to conquer a healthy lifestyle, chances are you probably agree with these statistics.

Instead of opting for the latest, ineffective dieting plan or signing up for an expensive gym membership that you’ll rarely use, consider these five easy, commitment-free ways that you can start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle today.Image result for 5 Tips For Improving Your Health Today

Use Products That React Naturally With Your Body

Today, there are more and more products on the market that work with your body to boost its natural healthiness. Take ASEA Redox Supplement, for example. ASEA Redox Supplement is a water-like drink that infuses your body with additional redox signaling molecules that boost antioxidants and improve cell-to-cell communication. This redox signaling technology helps add youth, vitality, and energy to the body so that you can live a healthier lifestyle.

Set Goals

To build confidence in yourself during the transition into being healthier, consider starting with small, attainable goals and work your way up. Things to start with might be as easy as cutting out a fast-food stop once a month, or shooting for 30 minutes of exercise every day. Eventually, as you become more comfortable setting these goals, you can increase to things like only eating a “cheat meal” once a week or getting in at least some sort of physical activity every day of the week.

Find A Way To Deal With Stress

Stress can be a big roadblock on the road to a healthier life. Not only does stress contribute to sleep deprivation which can deplete the energy you need for exercise and healthy eating, but it is also the biggest killer of motivation and could tempt you to lose sight of your goals. Find a way to break through this stress by taking a walk after a tense meeting, start a workout regimen, or start a thought journal.

Retrain Your Taste Buds

Trying to jump straight from a diet packed with American favorites like fat, salt, and sugar to a healthy diet with lean proteins and low sugars will be nearly impossible to accomplish overnight. However, with time, dedication, and an open mind, your tastebuds can be retrained. Studies show that by eating smaller amounts of more wholesome foods, your body will start to react to these new additions in a preferable way. Consider starting this process slowly by trying to lessen the amount of sugars you eat. Once you’ve conquered this, you’ll find that trading other foods down the road will be easier.

Take A Seat at the Dinner Table

Just because you may not make dinner at home every night, or even if you’re a take-out connoisseur doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the slow pace of a sit-down meal. By dining at your table, you’ll find yourself taking the time to savor the food you eat instead of scarfing it down breathlessly in your car. Try to stretch your meals out to at least 15 or 20 minutes and take note of how much more you enjoy your food and how much less you’ll crave.

With these five tips, you’ll be on your way to healthier living in no time. Don’t worry if you don’t see results right away, though. After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination.