We all know that eating less and moving more are the key to weight loss. However, many of us find it such a luxury to engage in exercising and dieting. The reasons vary, you may not have enough time or enough effort to do so, or just that workout and diet do not work for you. And if you are looking for the proven ways to lose weight fast without exercise, here are 5 of them,

Eat real foods and cut down on the rest

They are not from a box or a bag; real foods come from nature. Real foods can be veggies, lean meat, eggs, fish, fruits, and nuts. They are high quality and organic, giving you the energy you need and containing a low level of fat. And your diet now can be so simple to figure out.

There is no need for any struggle in finding the ingredients for any diet others have suggested. What you need is simply just one word – “nature”. This also means that pasta, bread, cereal, chips, bagels, etc. should be kept at bay. These foods contain high properties of calories and fat, which is no good for your health and your weight.

Restrict liquid calories

To facilitate the weight loss process, it’s important to cut out the liquid calories. Such beverages as beer, soda, and smoothies contain a high level of sugar and carb. Again, you should keep yourself away from these drinks.

If drinking water seems monotonous to you, try some alternatives as coffee, tea, and juice. However, don’t add any sugar or milk into the drinks. In other words, don’t any fat or calorie; otherwise, all your effort in losing weight will be in vain.

Dim your cravings

According to Cornell University study, the amount of light in the dining room influence the amount you eat. Specifically, under warm and soft lighting, people tend to take in about 175 fewer calories. Dimming the light when you are eating can thus be an effortless way to lose weight without exercise.

Reflect yourself often

Remember when you thought it’s time to lose weight? It’s probably when you looked into the mirror or stepped on the scale, and you thought it should stop here. Reminding yourself about the weight loss plan will be a great way to keep you motivated.

Spend a few minutes of your day tracking your weight by reviewing you have you been doing in the day in the attempt of losing weight. Look at yourself in the mirror and step on the scale to ensure that you are still on the track.medicine

Take right supplements

Many dieters these days have been accommodating over the counter diet pills that work like Phentermine in their weight loss plan. These pills, usually in the form of supplements, do a lot more than just helping you to lose weight. They act as the booster to elevate the energy level and can be an appetite suppressant.

Best weight loss pills always come with high quality and proven ingredients. Before actually buying a pill, it’s crucial to investigate its ingredients and the clinical studies that its brand provides. Reputable brands also offer free shipping and refund policy.


This guide on how to lose weight fast at home without exercise hopefully makes it easier for you to reach your weight goal. And now you all know that losing weight does not necessarily mean intense workout. The change begins with you.