Beach Bodies and Australia’s Cleavage Culture

Most of our major cities are coastal in nature. Living in a mostly warm, sun-drenched country where a lot of time is spent outdoors means we are often at the beach or on the water (and this sun also ages us prematurely compared to people living in the northern hemisphere).  

A Cleavage Bearing Culture

What we mean by this is that our active, outdoor lifestyles and our top swimwear fashion labels have an impact on what Australians find appealing in terms of breast volume, breast shape and cleavage.

What are the Breast Implant Size Trends for Breast Enlargement?

There are two trends in terms of cleavage preferences in Australia. Many women seek breast implant sizes that will look fantastic in a swimsuit. However, they also want an increased cleavage that allows them to participate comfortably in outdoor sports such as cross-fit, netball, running, tennis, sailing, surfing and cycling — along with indoor gym classes such as boxing, yoga and weight training.

So there’s a bit of a push-pull between having beautiful cleavage and still being able to paddle comfortably out to sea on a surfboard.

So is the Trend for Breast Implant Surgery to go Smaller or Bigger in Australia?

If you’re considering breast augmentation and have researched online, you’ve probably come across different blogs and articles stating that; “going big” is no longer the country wide trend. While there will always be regional variances in Australia due to different coastal regions and sporting preferences, downsizing breasts that are overly large, or choosing or replacing breast implants with smaller rather than larger breast implants, is certainly something that we are noticing over the past few years.

Why our Breast Surgeons are Dedicated to Helping Patients Choose a Breast Implant size That Suits Them

We’re always happy to see a proportionally balanced breast implant size chosen by our patients; however, every patient has a unique view of what they consider ideal — and this needs to be balanced by what will look appealing on their body. The overall physique is a major factor on what size implant will look good or not. Things like chest width, torso length and shoulder width, as well as height and weight and body shape, ALL influence how large (or small), the implant should be to achieve a pleasing, body-proportional balance to the breast area.

If you go too large, you are very much likely to sag or eventually experience ‘bottoming out’ (where the integrity of the skin is compromised from trying to hold a heavy implant properly).  So they may look good in the short term, but not over the longer term — not to mention it’s more difficult to participate in sports or even walking when you go too large in size (this is why Breast Reduction Surgery is so incredibly popular).

Don’t follow a Trend and get Breast Enlargement Surgery for YOU and no one else. Everyone likes to look good and appearance does matter to most people, especially when we are so often outdoors and at the beaches in Australia.

So if the size or position of your breasts has long been a nagging concern to you — even a distraction — cosmetic or corrective breast surgery can certainly help you get the cleavage you’ve been wanting.

Individual Results Vary and Customisation is Crucial to get a Great Breast Augmentation Surgery Result

Remember, each body is unique. Results will vary from patient to patient even if the same implant is selected and even if the individuals are somewhat similar in physique.  Great breast enlargement results come from great precision planning and full customisation — the right implant type, size and projection; the right incision choice and implant placement; and the right Surgeon, right facility and right operation at the right time.

One Size Does Not Fit All when it comes to Breast Augmentation

Larger, taller people with wide chest areas or wide hips may need larger implants to look balanced; smaller individuals may need an entirely different breast implant size and profile. Did you know there’s even a digital solution to help you choose the right size for your body? Many of our Surgeons use a combination of Vectra 3D imaging, which gives you a mock-up 3D view of your physique with a different breast size, and a range of bra sizers, which lets you feel what it might be like to have a larger, fuller breast volume and curvier cleavage.  Both work well, individually or in combination, to help patients envision or feel what it might be like to have curvier cleavage and fuller, firmer breasts.

Choose for You but Know what the Ramifications Are of Choosing a Too Large Implant

Some prefer a very pronounced breast appearance, yet ask for very large breast implants for their Augmentation surgery.  The key issue for women who prefer extremely LARGE breasts (above the now-traditional B, C and D cup options), is the integrity of their skin.  If this is your preference, it may help to discuss the possibility of large breast implants making your breasts (a) look out of proportion OR out of balance, (b) throwing off your posture and balance, or (c) causing your breast skin to become saggy or droopier at an earlier age.

Customisation is the Key to a Great Breast Augmentation Surgery Result

Whatever your cleavage or ‘breast look’ you want to achieve through breast surgery NEEDS to suit your overall frame in order look appealing AND natural. For more information on breast augmentation procedures visit