“Overweight” is something which heavily weigh down a person. Obesity and overweight are very common issues prevailing in this modern world where everything is available with just a click of a mouse thus, pushing our physical activity to an all time low. People are coming to realize the drawbacks of having those extra pounds both for medical reasons and also for social acceptance. “Flab to Fab” is the new catch line. But, to achieve it is not easy. Many corporates have become cash-cows and are lynching money by introducing many Body building supplements into the market to reduce weight. But their effectiveness is still to be tested. And if effective, will have many side effects.

Types of Body building supplements and their composition:

Basically Body building supplements are of two types, viz; prescriptive Body building supplements and OTCs (Over the Counter) Body building supplements. Most of the OTCs constitute ingredients which are natural extracts (mostly of plants) like caffeine, Hydroxycitric acid, Ephedro, Green Coffee extract, Pyruvate, Chromium, white kidney bean etc. and some are animal derivatives like calcium. Prescriptive Body building supplements like clenbuterol mainly constitute Phetermine, Orlistat (prescribed as Xenicol), Sibutramine etc. Visit ClenCycle.com to know more anabolic steroids like clenbuterol.


Prescriptive Body building supplements  have to be taken along with vitamin supplements because certain pills like Clen reduces the intake of vitamins like A, D and E. While using these pills, fat intake must be less than 33% and should be accompanied with the intake of fibrous foods for better digestion and absorption. We cannot rule out physical activity and exercise as nothing can replace it.

There is no other option for hard work. People with weight issues must try to reduce those extra pounds by lifestyle changes.  Body building supplements spell no magic to show any instant effect. The fact is unless we put in that extra effort and make serious life style changes like proper diet and regular physical activity, we cannot achieve the goal.

Over-the-Counter pills like Clen can help women lose weight when they are used conscientiously under the guidance of a qualified health care provider. FDA does not regulate many Over-the-Counter products, including herbal supplements. That means a buyer have no idea about the active ingredient used in the product or how it will work. The UMMC reports green tea extract help to improve weight loss and weight maintenance in women who are moderately overweight or obese. They are excellent natural fat burners and are powerful antioxidants. Herbal supplements like Bitter orange, Hoodia are widely used in many parts of the world. They increase energy in the body and thus decreasing the appetite.

It is better to take Clen after 30-60 minutes of the food that is consumed. Consumption of these supplements is also essential for the proper digestion of the food in the body. Researchers have proven that the side effects of these supplements are found to be very less as the ingredients in the clen are very essential and inevitable part of the body for the recovery of many health problems and better performance.