Anavar is also popularly called as oxandrolone. Like other types of anabolic androgenic steroids, it is not prepared synthetically in a laboratory. It mimics the impact of an important male hormone “testosterone.” It is the first choice for body builders, sportsmen and fitness conscious people all over the world to build toned and ripped physique. Its mild nature makes it the most appropriate for women all over the world to pursue their fitness objectives.

About Anavar

Anavar is a remarkable fitness supplement that when used during cutting cycle increases athletic performance and hardness of muscles by shredding excess of body fat from the body. It stimulates the synthesis of phosphocreatine in the body and helps in enhancing energy and strength within the muscle tissue.

 It is best suited for cutting cycles. Regular consumption of Anavar in prescribed amounts helps in shredding fat while preserving the slender look of your muscles. It gives a trim and super lean look to both women and men.

Why is Anavar not permitted with Alcohol?

Both Alcohol and Anavar are metabolized in the body. Drinking alcohol on Anavar can cause more strain on the liver of the person. It is best to be avoided in combination. This is the reason why doctors when recommending Anavar to a person always caution them about its limitation with alcohol, certain foods and medicines. Ignoring these orders can pose a significant potential threat to a person.

How does Anavar function?

Anavar is a manufactured in a laboratory using synthetic procedures. It is an anabolic steroid that functions in the same way as that of testosterone. Its main function lies in its ability to bind to, and initiate activity in specific cell receptors.

Doctors generally advise Anavar to men and women who have been suffering from low levels of testosterone in the body. Anavar proves to be a very beneficial element in testosterone hormone replacement therapy. This artificial source of testosterone helps one in maintaining the right levels of testosterone in the body and also to prevent issues caused due to its low levels in the body.


Whether you are consuming Anavar for cutting or stacking purpose, understanding the risks associated with consuming it with alcohol would save you from severe repercussions. Though these side effects are for a short term but deadly. Thus, it is recommended to seek doctor’s advice before consuming Anavar.