I bet you could. Most of us could probably spare to take a week or two away from the craziness that has become the world as we know it today. But it isn’t always easy.  Prices on consumer goods are going up—as is the price of fuel—and, altogether, that means travel is expensive too.  With incomes not keeping up with inflation how to you afford to take a break from it all?

Actually, it’s not that hard.  It might seem overwhelming, but you can get more from your time away without having to break the bank.Image result for Could you use a Euro-spa vacation?


It is very easy to make too many commitments when planning your vacation. Too many miles driven or too many museums or just too many hours at the amusement park. Sure, it might seem like you need to get as much in as you can—to make the most of what little time you have—but, honestly, what you really need is a little time away from the chaos of the everyday.

Don’t make more chaos for your vacation. Instead, focus on ways to enjoy being with your family, or alone with the open road—whatever works best for you.  It is not a matter of “doing less;” instead, think about more as “getting the most out of what you have.”


Part of the reason we are so stressed is not necessarily we spend so much time working. In fact, we just don’t take the time to stop thinking (and worrying) and, literally, stop thinking.

Ok, so we can’t really “stop thinking” but one of the hardest things to do in this very fast-paced society is to slow down enough to really appreciate all the little things that make life so good.  When you go on vacation that is the time to reflect on what makes you happy and make sure that you are moving in the right direction.  Sometimes you find that you are exactly where you need to be and sometimes you realize that, perhaps, it is time to make a change.


Finally, when you are taking time away from work, make sure to spend some of that time with the people you care about.  It is easy to neglect our relationships when work (and life, in general) makes so many demands on us.  Build your relationships every chance you get because these people will stick around long after the stressful day or the job has come and gone.

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