HGH or human growth hormone is responsible for the growth of muscles, body mass, energy and stamina. Some children from birth suffer from deficiency syndrome. They are given HGH supplements under a doctor’s prescription. Even adults face this syndrome that might lead to many problems. Such men are advised to take synthetic HGH to bring back their normal life.

Such synthetic HGH contain IGF-1, which has many benefits if taken properly –

  • Enhanced skin tightening
  • Decreased body fat
  • Fast healing
  • Good immunity system
  • Increased BMD
  • Improved cholesterol level
  • Good flow of blood to kidney

However, it is synthetic, it is illegal to use in most of the countries. A survey was done in US to find the usage of steroids among students and it was found that almost all students had taken steroids once in their life.

Since anabolic steroids give drastic results with physical exercise and nutritional diet, thus people have no guilt in buying it from black market. Although, most steroids are banned in many countries, still there are many ways of buying them.

Mexico extremely restricts the sale of anabolic steroid without a doctor’s prescription. Even if a steroid like HGH is available through Mexican pharmacies, according to the law, the pharmacists are supposed to keep the prescription so that patients don’t buy it again from different store.

Although it can be purchased without being prescribed by doctor in Mexico, still you are advised to be careful when buying it from Mexico. Some brands are contaminated with ingredients like protein, lead or any other heavy material. HGH is strictly prohibited in Mexico but a city in the border of Mexico, Tijuana, sells HGH illegally to control the illegal sale in many other areas.

Moreover, even if it is bought illegally from Mexico, not everyone selling there have proper knowledge of authentic HGH steroid. Thus, you might not get good and healthy opinions from everyone selling it. This might turn you to risk your health and life. Even if you search online about the product and request it to be shipped from Mexico to US, it is still illegal.

There is one way that you can bring HGH from Mexico. All you have to do is keep a copy of prescription while returning back. The maximum quantity you can carry with you is 50 dosage units. The supplements should be for the person travelling with it and with the original container. Now, you can check online for all the options available and get your steroid.