Have you ever heard of cancer cells committing suicide? This new drug motivates the cancer cells to self-destruct. This could save a lot of lives and provide hope. The DCA is the new drug that prevents and cures various types of cancer that affects different parts of the body.

Though, the results have proven to be effective. There are still evidences where the use of DCA could have serious side effects. One of the most effective ways to prevent cancer is to get a good dose of Vitamin D. Foods such as; broccoli and turmeric are foods that provide the same effects as the DCA against cancer cells.

How DCA corrects cancer cells

  1. DCA alters the metabolic activity of cancer cells and changes the way they function.
  2. In lab experiments as well as human body, DCA has proven to kill cancer cells.
  3. It is yet to be observed if cancer reverses tumor growth.
  4. First experiment has been conducted against brain cancer.
  5. There is more to be explored about DCA and its effects and side effects on the body against cancer.
  6. DCA is effective as well as inexpensive.
  7. Research is ongoing about combining DCA with other cancer related therapies.
  8. Before choosing DCA and combining it with other radiation methods, be informed about its side effects.
  9. Cells get their energy when sugar converts to energy in the form of glucose oxidation and glycolysis.
  10. Cell requires oxygen to survive.
  11. Cancer derives maximum energy in the form of glycolysis.
  12. Pyruvate is essential for mitochondrial oxidation.
  13. Inside the cancer cells DCA suppresses Pyruvate.
  14. When the cancer cells are suppressed and cannot use this enzyme, they are forced to use the normal method of oxidation.
  15. When DCA forces cancer cells to choose the regular method of glucose oxidation, it forces the cancer cells to self-destruct.

How cancer cells self-destruct themselves

When DCA turns on the cell’s mitochondria, it affects the abnormal functioning of the cancer cells. You can buy DCA because in the radiation and chemotherapy methods, the cancer cells realize that they have cancer and also end up killing healthy cells.


The DCA activates mitochondria while in other treatment methods; mitochondrion is deactivated which affects other healthy cells as well.