The Veterinarian compound group Jurox in Australia manufactured dynabol first, but it started vanishing from the market in 2001. SYD Group in Australia obtained all Jurox rights in 2002 and reintroduced the dynabol product. It was sold under the name of Anabolic DN and Anabolic NA. SYD group also began to manufacture a stronger Nandrolone cypionate which was introduced into the Mexican veterinarian drug market. The U.S DEA charged SYD group for illegally exporting the compound from Mexico to the US market for off-label human use. Since the time dynabol was found only in Australia under strict control.

Medical use of Nandrolone-Cypionate

Nandrolone is one of the most beneficial therapeutic anabolic supplements. However, dynabol was only used in human medication for short time usage. The Nandrolone hormone has proven beneficial treatment plan in anemia, ulcers, frailty, fatigue, preserving lean muscle mass due to HIV, AIDS, and cancer, burnt victims, Growth retardation in children, pituitary deficient dwarfism.

Bodybuilders generally obtain the dynabol from black market sources. This drug has undergone a number of name changes and used in different countries around the world and found in some veterinary environments too. It has been researched that dynabol has been mainly sourced out from Australia in recent years. Nandrolone decanoate is popular by its duration, efficacy, and results. The cypionate ester attached to the Nandrolone produces a quick burst of testosterone. However, its effects are short-lived due to its half-life.

The users should monitor the counterfeits and manufacture’s location before buying dynabol. This product is easier to find, cost-effective and safer to use. All of the anabolic androgenic supplements carry down side effects and some adverse reactions.

Dynabol dosage

Using Dynabol for bodybuilding yields the results within 8-10 weeks. This drug is ideal for bodybuilders competing in tested competition, as it means the detection time is much less. Female are also benefited by dynabol Nandrolone cypionate in the same manner. Nandrolone cypionate allows the women to run a cycle for half as long, as see roughly the same results.

A cycle of 400-600 mg per week is advisable for dynabol Nandrolone cypionate. If you are stacking with testosterone, then no need to cross the recommended dosage. Since Nandrolone cypionate is very effective the overdosing will never give you any best results except side reactions. When the bodybuilders cross 600 mg limit instead of gaining body rips they fall in serious side effects.

Dynabol & Esters

Esters attached to a base drug do not only have an influence on its absorption but also in its half-life. Here Nandrolone cypionate is the base drug which is attached to the esters such as Propionate, Decanoate, Cypionate, Phenylpropionate. Each of the esters has a different impact on the Nandrolone. Dynabol has many beneficial properties while using in medical scenarios and Dynabol for bodybuilding is a popular activity among bodybuilders. It provides tissue building capacity, stimulates red blood cells production, promotes androgen response behaviors. Nandrolone cypionate and other esters are considered to be controlled substances by the United States of America and other parts of the country. Only with the prescription, it is highly recommended for medical treatments along with the careful supervision of a physician.