Pay per use gyms are the newest iteration of the classic gym business model. Instead of requiring members to pay a fixed monthly rate whether they use the facilities or not, you can now use a gym as it meets your monthly needs. If you’re a gym rat who usually hits the gym every morning before you drink your coffee then you already have your fitness plan in place. If you’re not committed to a fitness schedule or you want a gym that holds you accountable, then a pay per use gym might be the right plan for you. Below are some examples of how a pay per use gym might be the right choice for you.3

If you’re not ready to make a commitment

Many people who begin a contract with a gym do not use the membership as often as they assumed, and many wait months after they stop using it altogether to cancel their membership. This sours a user’s attitude toward gym membership while not actually improving their health and fitness. Instead, trying a gym on a pay per use basis allows you to develop a new habit without fearing a penalty if that gym doesn’t work out for you, or if your life situation discourages you from continuing gym use.

If you’re an infrequent user

Up to 80% of people who have gym memberships do not visit their gym more than 5 times a month. If you’re one of those 80%, you won’t want to commit so much money to occasional use. Maybe you just want a weekly yoga class, or a racquetball game a couple times a month. Alternately, you may only want to use gym facilities when the weather prevents you from exercising outside. Paying to use the facilitiesat a reputable pay per use gym like Striation 6 in Toronto makes sense when there is freezing rain outside; however, paying to use their facilities on a gorgeous spring morning may not.

If you’re strapped for cash

For many people with flexible incomes, regular monthly payments to a gym can put a strain on finances during their lean months. Pay per use gyms in Toronto eliminate this strain and allow you to vary expenses when times are tight. As it often is, if money is tight around Christmas then you may choose to spend more time with family and less time at the gym. Next month, you may choose to pick up an extra shift at work and spend more time working off the holiday excess.

If you travel frequently

Frequent travelers can be faced with a difficult choice: join a gym that may not be present in the towns they visit; use the hotel gym and hope it is well maintained; or do without regular gym use until they spend less time on the road and can join a gym at home. None of these options promotes regular exercise, and they may waste money that could go to better travel-related expenses. A pay per use gym allows a traveler to regularly work out the kinks of travel in a well-maintained, professional facility.

A pay per use gym might not be for you; however, the nice thing about using one is the flexibility it provides. If you get hooked to your exercise routine then you’re on the road to better health; however, if the gym doesn’t work for you then you have the flexibility to keep searching for the right exercise solution, no strings attached.