You can’t stop aging. It is going to happen. It is inevitable.  We have to age—it is just a part of life. And with that, our bodies are going to change—we can’t stop it, and we should embrace whatever the next stage is going to be.

However, we can slow down some of the aging processes by making sure that we are as healthy as can be.  Capilia hair loss prevention is all about making sure you don’t commit the most common causes of hair loss.Image result for Healthy Choices that Can Help to Prevent Hair Loss


Iron is important for energy and muscle management.  Amino acids are important for muscle and tissue building and repair.  Vitamin B is important for energy management and cellular metabolism.  

All three of these things are easy to find in nature: eat more protein. Chicken, pork, beef, ocean fish, and soybeans are all great sources of protein. Some vegetables, of course, can also be minimal sources, as can beans. Nuts, however, are an excellent source of natural protein.  

In terms of vitamin B, you can get more of that from ocean fish, starchy vegetables, dark leafy green vegetables, and non-citrus fruits (like cucumber, avocado, squash, etc).


If you are eating the right amount of protein you should not have to worry about this too much, but there are many reasons why people experience dramatic weight loss.  Or perhaps you are eating right and trying to lose a lot of weight to get to a healthier place. Well, regardless of your reasons or your process for losing weight, you should know that people who lose a lot of weight very quickly often go through a period of poor health as the body begins to shift into a new lifestyle.  A big part of this shift is hormonal imbalance, which can result in hair loss.  Similarly, hair loss is also attributed to body image/eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.


Every drug has side effects, but some will specifically list hair loss.  There are many drugs, actually, that can result in hair loss—mostly because these drugs impact hormonal regulation. Some of these include:

    • beta blockers (blood pressure meds)
    • blood thinners
    • lithium
    • methotrexate (anti-inflammatory drug)
    • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen)
    • some antidepressants