Overweight and obesity raise the risk of many health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Aside from illnesses indicated above, high blood pressure, stroke, liver and kidney diseases, osteoarthritis and pregnancy problems are some of the other health conditions associated with overweight and obesity. Hence, people that suffer this situation need to lose weight.

Decreasing the body weight is a conventional method to avoid health complications. Many people perform several exercises to lose weight which require physical activities which are cumbersome. So, try a natural and effective way of losing weight by drinking a cup of Hibiscus tea regularly.

The following are the reasons why drinking Hibiscus tea loses weight:

  1. Prevents absorption of Carbohydrates

Weight gain results from eating high-calorie food that a person cannot burn. Hibiscus tea contains an inhibitor enzyme known as ‘Phaseolamin,’ that helps the amylase in the body to break down complex sugars and starches. Hence, the delicious beverage prevents absorption of carbs that can eventually become a stored fat. Thus, contributes to losing weight quickly. It also takes away unhealthy calories to make the digestive system smoothly runs so that toxins are flushed before absorbed.

  1. Reduces Fats in the body

Hibiscus tea is an excellent fat burner. It burns unwanted fats leading to losing weight naturally. The bright red color of Hibiscus tea comes from the brilliant flower and leaves of Hibiscus that contains antioxidants and bioflavonoid that control the cholesterol level. It prevents the formation of body fats and removing it. It also blocks the creation of fat cells in the body and accumulation of lipids. As a result, drinking the tea lowers the body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fats.

  1. Contains high Antioxidants

Losing pounds and recharging the body with Hibiscus tea is a very satisfying experience. This floral flavored tea has soothing and relaxing effects. Because of the brimming antioxidants found in Hibiscus tea that directly help in the management of weight and increasing metabolism, it contributes to the loss of weight quickly and improves the overall health of the person.

  1.  Lowers Inflammation that leads to Weight loss

Based on studies, the polyphenols found in Hibiscus tea reduces inflammation in the body that aids in weight loss. Inflammation is linked to weight gain because it impairs the function of the insulin. Meaning, the body cannot process glucose correctly. The excess weight triggers additional inflammation in the body that advance to more complicated disease. Hibiscus tea reduces and prevents it from happening.

  1. Contains Diuretic properties

Water weight is a common problem especially among women, and the good news is that Hibiscus tea solves it. The diuretic properties of the Hibiscus tea help rid the excess water from the body by urinating which prevents temporary bloating and loses weight.

  1. Reduces the impact of excess sugar

The women must consume no more than six teaspoons of sugar per day, and not more than 9 for the male. However, because of the increase of processed foods in our diets, many people consume an approximately 22 added sugars a day which is 4x of the suggested limit for women and 2.5 for men that result with more sugar. The Hibiscus tea reduces the impact of excess sugar.

  1. Increases the fluid intake

Drinking Hibiscus tea raises the fluid intake and decreases the consumption of sugar-sweetened drink. It fills up the stomach without additional calorie resulting in a low caloric intake.

Working to lose weight is now comfortable with Hibiscus flower tea along with healthy diet and healthy body. It is a secret to lose weight without having to strike push ups and sit ups.