Wounds and scars need a great deal of care to heal in a timely manner. They need sensitivity and care so that the body does not get further damages and risks. You should use a micropore tape to dress wounds and secure medical tubing. It’s basically a paper tape used to minimize scar formation post-surgery. It is a very high-quality product that allows the skin to breath together with saving the area from stenting.

Clearly, this tape is very helpful as it tackles stenting which can pull the wound in a way that lets scars to develop. So, the tape not only secures the skin but also stops any pulling. It’s simple to apply to the skin and above all free of latex. Furthermore, this tape is gentle to the skin but adheres well at the same time. Upon removal, you can expect it to leave minimal adhesive residue.

Features of a micropore tape  

We can clearly see how much value this unique tape brings to scars and wounds during the healing process. But yes, all such benefits wouldn’t be possible if the tape had not been designed with great features.

Some of the key features are-

  • Latex free

  • Hypoallergenic paper and gentle to the skin

  • General purpose, economical with the ability to leave no/minimal adhesive residue upon removal

  • Porous surgical tape which makes it breathable and allows for quicker healing of wounds

  • Available in white or tan colour

  • Great for repeated applications on sensitive and fragile skin

  • Elderly patient friendly generally with thinner skin

  • Available in various widths & can be used to treat wounds of many sizes

  • Ideal for dressing those wounds that need repeated dressing and treatment

  • Does not cause irritation to the skin when applied or re-applied

  • Never poses any risk of infection and further complications.

  • Very helpful for even minor wounds that don’t require regular dressing

Tips to use micropore tape on a scar

These days, it’s easy to buy micropore tape with just a few clicks online. After buying this extremely useful surgical tape, it is important to know how to use it on a scar. Only then can you benefit from the product in a true sense.

Let’s look at how to apply the tape on a scare –

  • First of all, clean the area thoroughly using warm water and mild soap

  • Dry the skin area completely with a clean towel

  • Cut the tape matching to the size of the scar

  • Apply the tape across the scar ensuring that the entire area is completely covered

  • Secure the tape by gently applying pressure so that the adhesive gets attached to skin surface

  • Use the same tape for as long as 24 hours, then remove, clean the area and apply again.