Human growth hormone, as the name suggests is a potent growth hormone naturally formed in our body. There are many hormones in our body which are directly or indirectly responsible for growth of cells, tissues and bone aka overall structure of a human. One among them is human growth hormone, which also plays the similar role. It builds the body structure internally, that is, it helps in building muscles, abs, making one look bigger or younger, helps to increase in height (for growing teens) and helps in changing the overall physique of the body. On the other hand, few intelligent people have devised ways to use these human growth hormones externally and take advantage of it. These hormonal pills are now available in the market to suit one’s needs. They are available in the form of capsules, tablets, creams, sprays etc.

Working and Side-effects:

When a person consumes it, externally, they might want to support or accelerate the rate at which these hormones are secreted in the body. Thus, human growth hormones are also known as Master Hormone, since they control pivotal aspects of human body. They boost the immunity, strength and create body fit enough for any sport activity. Many people these days even opt for these to look youthful. The basic ingredient in all the products is amino acids. Higher the amount of amino acid in the product, the better it works. Amino acids are required to perform protein synthesis and increase metabolism of the body. The HGH releasers contain around 12 different types of amino acids in them. They contain different types of vitamins and herbal ingredients too. Most of the people, irrelevant to their age, gender and medical conditions opt for these kinds of medicines to lose weight and build muscle. People find them as miracle healers. Many prefer to take HGH orally because they are easy to be administered and are cost effective. On the other hand, Injections are extremely costly.

It has been in study by American Psychological Society that women tend to release more growth hormones than men because of high levels of estrogen in their body. Nevertheless, nowadays, we can find that women athletes and in order to reduce aging side-effects, women tend to use these hormonal injections or creams. Apart from the other reasons, a major factor for usage is reducing fat; since it increases the rate of metabolism, it reduces fat in the body.

However, it is very essential to understand, that even a “miracle” chemical like Human Growth Hormones comes along with set of pros and cons. Thus, if taken when it is very needful, it works at best. Few side-effects may be joint pains, breast tissue enlargement in men, swelling and pains in ankles and feet, hormonal disturbance. Especially, if a woman is pregnant, nursing mother or is under any pregnancy treatment, this pill should be avoided. Although, it has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), their risks still prevail. Hence, one should be cautious about its intake and should be taken under physician supervision only.