It can be daunting if you’re considering plastic surgeon but you’re not sure if it’ll turn out well. You’re putting your appearance into another person’s hands and trusting that they’ll make it look exactly like how you want it. Nowadays though, there are plastic surgeons that show their procedure to you via social media and one of those doctors happens to be Dr. Eddy Dona. 

Who Is Dr. Eddy Dona? 

Dr. Eddy Dona is a plastic surgeon that specializes in reconstructive surgery to help you get the best appearance that you desire. He has years in the field and with his amazing results, he is easily becoming one of the most popular surgeons in Australia. 

He goes over the choices you want and figures out if it works for you and helps you make a decision that you’ll love. He offers a multitude of surgeries from breasts augmentations to tummy tucks and is actually the leading breast enhancement surgeon. 

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If you’re interested in getting an appointment and learning more about the cosmetic surgery he provides, head to this link to fill out the form. The website also provides a surgery gallery so you can check out his work and see the amazing work he has finished. Viewing the work he has done and what others look like afterwards may help give you some ideas on what you may want. You’ll see that many of the surgeries are done wonderfully and you can’t even tell that work has been done in some instances. 

What Makes Dr. Eddy Dona Unique? 

Citing information from the article about Dr. Eddy Dona from The Daily Telegraph, it seems as though he posted plastic surgery procedures online. While you may instantly cringe at the thought wondering why he’d do so, it’s actually a huge benefit to the plastic surgery world. 

When you stream your procedure online, especially on a popular medium like Facebook, many people will see it and know exactly what they may be in store for. It can help the patients prepare for their future surgeries by giving them a peace of mind to see that the surgery is actually going well and that Dr. Eddy Dona knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Dr. Eddy Dona has been snap chatting his procedures since September and many people have been watching what he does. While some doctors may be against what he does, there’s no arguing that it’s beneficial to the plastic surgery world. It can be quite graphic at times but it shows you the world of surgery. It shows you what you’ll be going in for and what you can expect while you’re under anesthesia. Maybe you’ll even want to just watch it afterwards to see what happened during the procedure like some of his patients before. You’ll see the science behind what really goes on during the cosmetic surgery. 

If you’re still doubting your decisions to get plastic surgery perhaps because of fear, reach out to Dr. Eddy Dona’s team to help quell any worries you may have. Plastic surgery can seem scary, especially if you don’t know what you’re getting into but with Dr. Eddy Dona’s show of his surgeries; you know exactly what you’re getting into.