The main role of a CNA is to take care of patients and their needs, their daily activities etc. along with assisting the doctors (RN and LPN) in medical treatment.

At hospitals, certified nursing assistants mark an important and positive impact on the lives of their patientsby taking care of their illness and hygiene. They take care of medicine dispersion of patients, help in daily activities like bathing and eating. They sometimes help patients at home as well. CNA go to patient’s home on daily basis or according to the instructions given and take temperature, blood pressure, pulse, give them basic care at home and respirations.

The Job Duties of Nursing Assistants are as follows:

  • Personal hygiene of patients, giving baths, assisting them to travel in hospital.
  • Assisting patients in serving and eating food, ambulating patients, give them nourishment between meals.
  • Providing care by administrating treatment and procedures, nonsterile dressings, assisting in surgeries, heat treatments, providing therapeutic baths.
  • Monitoring and recording vitals, weight, input and output information of the patients and informing doctors in case of emergencies.
  • Answering to patient’s calls and comforting them by utilizing resources of the hospital. Maintain report observations to the senior supervisors.
  • Maintaining records and work operations as per the rules and regulations.
  • Participating in educational opportunities to enhance and update the knowledge, keeping track of health care publications, maintaining license of nursing.
  • Updating nursing department and enhancing hospital reputation by exploring medical opportunities and add value to job activities.
  • To serve and protect the healthcare organization by maintaining the professional standards, taking care of federal, state and local requirements.

Taking job as a certified nursing assistant is physically demanding and caries lots of responsibilities, but the main role of CNA job is to make strong bond of relationship with patients and staff. Individuals can find online programs as well as regular classes to undertake the CNA program.