The Kroger is one of the world’s largest retailers. They have a big family of stores that ranges from groceries and multi-department stores to convenience and jewelry stores. Their motto is “be particular, never sell anything you don’t want to yourself’. They are currently operating 2796 grocery stores, 787 convenience stores in 19 states, over 300 fine jewelry stores, 38 food production and manufacturing facilities, 1439 supermarket file centres and 2253 pharmacies in various states. They also actively give their contribution to the society, 270 million meals have been donated by them through more than 100 Feeding America food bank partners.

Why Kroger Pharmacy?

Kruger pharmacy not only takes care of your prescriptions but also gives you a holistic and personalized health care. They are currently operating in 31 states so it will not be hard for you to find them. Their team of trained pharmacists is very welcoming and helpful in providing solutions to all your issues and queries. They have trained professionals to administer vaccines and flu shots. They also offer Medication Therapy Management and a variety of health screenings. They are constantly running different health management programs like diabetes management, fitness, healthy cooking etc. is best source to know more about it.

Apart from all the services provided at the stores, they have made shopping and managing your prescriptions extremely easy. Their website provides services like managing your or your family’s prescriptions, refilling or setting up automatic refills, printing your prescriptions history and expenses reports, searching for a medication and learning about them and managing your pet’s prescription. You can do all this from the comfort of your homes and offices and save lots of time. They even have a mobile app that can be used. You can also transfer your prescriptions from other pharmacies to Kroger and get discounts.

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Offers and Promotions

They are constantly running promotional offers and providing gift coupons to their customers. They have Plus Card which can be used to shop medicines and with every purchase you get deals on the various items in the store. They have Free Friday coupons available on their site every Friday. You can print out these coupons and utilize them the next time you shop at Kroger. These are valid for two weeks and expire afterward.

Kroger pharmacies have made sure to make it convenient for their customers to reach them. The customers do not have to go to a different place to shop their groceries and pick up their medication. Both are available in the same store, saves your precious time. You can even get small things like your blood pressure checked or your sugar levels checked at the pharmacy. These pharmacies usually run throughout the day from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and close a little earlier on weekends. The details of the Kroger Pharmacy hours of operation can be checked at They give you exact opening and closing timings of various stores.