So you did cocaine two days ago and you have a test in a day or two and now you are completely puzzled about what to do. You want to pass this test or you’d lose the job. Probably you have an interview and you really need this job, but you need to pass the drug test before they can take you on board. No doubt you are regretting doing drug the other night, but now there’s nothing that you can do about it. All you are worried about is passing this drug test so that you can sustain your job or get the job of your dreams.

I have a solution to share with you. I remember the time when a close friend of mine was in a similar situation. He regretted doing drug nine days before this drug test he had to pass to get a job he had been dying to grab for three years. He was so devastated when he was told that he would not be able to pass the test. However, a common friend of ours entered the room like an angel and helped him with the best detox drink for coke. He informed him about the 10 day detox kit that he had used a couple of days ago and how it had helped him in passing the blood and urine tests for drugs. When my friend bought the kit and tried it for 10 days, he passed the test and right now he is working in the same company he had given the test for.

When you are into the detoxification process for your drug usage, you have to be particular about a few things. You are not supposed to eat a lot of junk and sweet food because such things slower the process of detoxification. If you want to get rid of cocaine traces from your urine and blood, you just have to focus on your body, along with the detoxification products that you consume for a healthier version of yourself. Make sure you drink a lot of water because the more water you drink, the more you pee and the more you pee, the more detoxified you are. Also, ensure to hit the gym and exercise regularly if you want the detoxifying product to work faster in your body.

If you ask me about the best detox drink for coke, I’d tell you the name of Toxin Rid because it helped both of my “stoner” friends.