You could visit a medical spa for any number of reasons—and each treatment you seek could greatly improve your health and happiness.  Aestheticians are widely trained to provide you with top-of-the-line cosmetic and non-surgical procedures that will help you to look and feel younger.

Clinique Mediluxe Botox Injections

First of all, many aestheticians can provide botox injection services. This is a procedure during which a practitioner injects botulinum toxin into the skin to stiffen it, a bit, reducing wrinkles and fine lines as well as forehead creases, crow’s feet, and even skin folds. It is a fine—and non-permanent—alternative to plastic surgery.  Image result for Medical Spa Procedures: Botox and More


Some cosmetic brands, like Juvederm, are facial filling gels which can also help to improve your appearance.  This gel is made out of a hyaluronic acid—a carbohydrate naturally present in the body and, more specifically, naturally tightens the sin.  When applied to the skin, then, hyaluronic acid combines with moisture already in the skin to smooth and restore volume in the skin and reduce the presence of wrinkles.

Other Skin Tightening, Fine Line, and Wrinkle-reducing Procedures

Other skin rejuvenation treatments include:

    • Endermolift
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
    • Radiofrequency

Double Chin Destock

There is nothing wrong with the skin phenomenon known as the “double chin.” it is not necessarily a sign of poor health or of a lack of beauty. However, some people simply don’t like; some find it is a remnant of losing weight and would prefer to tighten up. Whatever the reason, medical cryolipolysis is a non-surgical way to help reduce the double chin.  In just one one-hour session, you can actually reduce fat in this area by 30 percent.

Acne Treatment

Through the use IPL (as mentioned above), an aesthetician can help to improve acne conditions without medical intervention.  IPL emits powerful flashes of light that can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to target specific cell tissue.  

Pigmented Lesions/Hyperpigmentation

If—and when—the skin becomes damaged by the sun, elements, toxins, etc, it can scar and develop brown spots or other discoloration. This is not a sign of poor health but can be just as undesirable, so IPL can also be used to treat this.