Anxiety is a natural part of life. For example, we may feel anxious before a test or a job interview. However, generalized anxiety disorder causes a person to experience constant anxiety that interferes with their daily life. It is estimated that seven million people in America suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. MedWorksMedia – Medical Journal has a lot of information about generalized anxiety disorder. However, there are still several myths about generalized anxiety disorder.

Myth: Generalized Anxiety Disorder is not a Real Illness 

Fact: Anxiety is a natural part of life. In some cases, anxiety can be helpful, but generalized anxiety disorder is a real illness. Unlike many other illnesses, there is no test that can diagnose generalized anxiety disorder. However, it still requires the proper treatment.

Myth: Anxiety is Just Worrying 

Fact: We all have worries. However, when a person has generalized anxiety disorder, they worry about things that most people would consider trivial. Worrying is a temporary feeling, but anxiety is not.

Myth: Generalized Anxiety Disorder Gets Better With Time

Fact: Generalized anxiety disorder will probably not get better without treatment. The average person suffers for 10 years before they seek treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. They wait for years because they think that they will heal with time. It is also important to note that people with generalized anxiety disorder may also suffer from depression.

Myth: Anxiety Medications are Addictive 

Fact: Studies have shown that most anxiety medications are not addictive. Benzodiazephines are a group of anti-anxiety medications that can be addictive. However, they are typically used for short-term purposes.

Myth: Medication is the Only way That Generalized Anxiety Disorder Can Be Treated 

Fact: Medication is just one of the treatments that is available for generalized anxiety disorder. Therapy is another treatment option. It is also important to remember that medication is not for everyone. Everyone’s brain and body is different. That is why what works for one person may not work for someone else.

Myth: I Will Have to go to Therapy Forever 

Fact: You may be able to notice an improvement after just a few therapy sessions. Cognitive behavior therapy has been shown to benefit about 75 percent of patients. Many people fear going to therapy because they think that they will have to go for the rest of their lives.

Myth: Self-Medication Will Help Me 

Fact: Many people use alcohol, marijuana and illicit drugs to get over their anxiety disorder. However, self-medicating does not help. In fact, it will likely make your anxiety disorder worse.

Myth: Anxiety is a Weakness 

Fact: Fear is a component of anxiety. However, anxiety is not a sign of weakness. That is why this disorder can affect anyone.

Myth: A Healthy Lifestyle Will Make Anxiety Go Away 

Fact: A healthy lifestyle can help improve your symptoms. It can also help you manage your stress. However, other techniques will have to be used in order to treat anxiety.