As a medical professional running a busy practice, you have undoubtedly come across many different types of software that will streamline daily tasks and make your office run more efficiently. While most medical software is tailored toward patient and insurance aspects of a practice, medical inventory software tracks the supply side of your office so that you can easily know when it is time to reorder medications, vaccines and similar products used by all types of medical and dental operations.

Tailored to the Medical Industry

Managing inventory is important for every business; however, medical operations have important considerations. The medical industry is full of time-sensitive and industry-related products. Items such as surgical implements, which are expensive and can’t be simply replaced in many cases, can be easily tracked through targeted software.

Accurate management of your medical inventory protects your company from unnecessary expenses while also protecting you against violations from using outdated or recalled products that may inadvertently slip through the cracks when manual inventory tracking is used. Other types of inventory software don’t meet the needs of medical practices as some features will go unused or won’t address your specific concerns.

Overall Benefits

Computerizing your medical inventory has three overall benefits: time savings, accuracy and consistency. Efficiently managing the time of your employees allows them to serve patients better. A more efficient practice results not only in a happier office but also in happier patients who will be more likely to recommend your practice to other potential patients.

Accuracy is especially important when dealing with medications. Many medical organizations have group-buying contracts with manufacturers and suppliers of health products. Making the most out of such contracts requires an accurate inventory system. When your operation is out of a specific drug or device, you may become non-compliant with your contract or, worse yet, with specific health care regulations. Consistency also creates a more professional appearance, which also bodes well for the future of your operation.

Key Features

Basic and plus versions of inventory software are available. Custom software is also available upon request. Each version has the following features:

  • Track supply items by barcodes
  • Lot number and expiration date tracking
  • Easy scanning of all items
  • Extensive reporting and analysis options
  • Cost tracking
  • May be used by multiple users in multiple locations

By efficiently and accurately tracking the supplies used in your office, medical inventory software can save you both time and effort when it comes time to reorder.