Health is wealth. But, we at times, we mean it wrongly. Being healthy is not only being slim. There is lot more to it. You can’t just sacrifice your health conditions fatal just to become slim. Among the today’s youngsters, everybody is crazy to be slim by hook or crook even if it detoriates their health. Duromine helps to lose the weight but is it safe for all? Navigating such drugs which burn fat lead to such queries. Just that, you can’t be your own doctor. If you really need it, ask your doctor to prescribe it to you. It is safe afe if used under doctor guidance.

Duromine might be the best option in the market. But, still, we would recommend to keep a check on it along with the consent of your physician. Already known, Duromine is an active ingredient is Phentermine, approved by FDA, but it should never be used without medical supervision being a prescription-only drug. It helps to burn the fat as well as lessen the probability of food cravings.

Let us know more about it to decide who should take it, how it works, what to expect and how to manage side effects and dosages. It better to know about it before we start intaking it. Studies have shown that Duromine is safe for us, but, like any drug, it might have some side effects that lead to greater problems. Following are the points to be noted before you start having Duromine:


  • It is said that people with high cholesterol, diabetes or high BP gain a lot from the Duromine regimen. Still, there’s always an importance of medical prescription, especially for such patients. As Duromine can impact the effectiveness of insulin, diabetes people are at a specific risk. So, it’s crucial to cosult with your doctor before you start using.
  • Interactiveness with the biochemistry makes Duromine being effective as well as prone to inherent risks at the same time.
  • Duromine intake might form a habit of inataking it daily. Especially, the persons who have had history of addiction should surely take up doctor’s advice before anything else.
  • Never try to mix it with alcohol or any other medications until or unless it is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Pregnant women should take a note that it might be fatal in later stages even if it hasn’t have side effects in testing on mother’s body.

Only the ones who are facing serious weight issues should take Duromine with doctor’s prescription. People lesser than 18 or above 60 should avoid intaking it.

The body mass index BMI is the prime factor to decide whether take it or not. And the number is above 27. People allergic to any component of the drug should not intake Duromine too. Hence said, it is safe if used under doctor guidance.

The common side effects include restlessness, excess energy, dysphoria, euphoria, lightheadedness, weakness, extremity swelling, fatigue, headache, dryness of mouth, unpleasant tastes, diarrhea, constipation and changes in sex drive. But, always remember, any drug must have at least one side effect.