Anger is often seen as a negative demeanor but in reality, healthy anger is a normal human behavior that stems from our inherent instinct of survival and adaptation.Healthy anger is often functional and surfaces in order to confront and tackle a specific goal. However, when our anger begins to work against our intended goal, it becomes dysfunctional and in turn unhealthy. As soon as this unhealthyanger is recognized, it is important to take charge and visit a professional Montreal psychologist to help manage these outbursts.

In order to determine if you have anger issues, consult thesepossible physical and emotional symptoms that you may have already experienced. After that, refer to the list of unhealthy methods of expressing anger and determine if you have behaved in such a way in the past or recently.

  1. Physical Symptoms

More often than not, having frequent anger outbursts can result in physical changes that may put your health at risk.Some of these physical symptoms include tingling, tightening of the chest, increased blood pressure, and headaches. Other physical signs may include clenching of your jaws or grinding your teeth, stomach pains, rapid heart rate, sweating, feeling hot in the neck or face, trembling, and dizziness.

  1. Emotional Symptoms

Believe it or not, anger is not the only emotion that comes with Anger Management Issues. In fact, many have experienced irritability, rage, anxiety, frustration, guilt, paranoia, lack of sleep, isolation and even depression.

  1. Unhealthy Methods of Expressing Anger

The following is a list of possible ways that individuals with anger issues typically deal with their irritation:

  • Name-calling, verbal abuse, and threats
  • Punching and breaking objects
  • Reacting violently and abruptly to small problems or without cause
  • Accusing others
  • Repressing anger and withdrawing yourself completely
  • Allowing rage to take control of your judgment, speech, and behavior

If you or a loved one has experienced these physical and emotional symptoms, or if they have reacted in an unhealthy manner while expressing anger, then it is time to consult anexpert. Anger management is serious andshould be treated sooner rather than later. Each case requires careful evaluation and assessment by a certified psychologist. Do not wait for these emotions and outbursts to take control of your life.It is time to takeaction by contacting a professional Montreal psychologist today.