It’s a crucial obsession to ensure the right stethoscope for any medical state of affair merely to provide the best auscultation. It’s crystal clear that stethoscope has proven to be the emblem of medical practice, but do they liken in their functioning or design? Not at all! They are presented in different dimensions, outlines, and replicas. Let’s understand some of the typical brands that are rummage-sale by the medical practitioners over the years.

Neonatal Stethoscope

Over the years Neonatal stethoscope has growing momentum in its use, primarily by the newborn patients. It has a 2cm span of the chest piece which makes it small in size especially to ease its use on the newborns. This design is purposefully made to ensure perfect auscultation coupled with the most reduced ambient noise.

The slenderer size of this neonatal stethoscope ensures precise inspections within a short time since there exists no incessant modification.

Infant Stethoscope

The design of this prominent stethoscope is best suited for the young patients most probably the nurslings. The only differentiating factor of this stethoscope and the neonatal counterpart is its size. It has nearly 2.7 cm span chest piece that ensures the best degree of auscultation needed by the newborns.

Pediatric stethoscope

Most often than not, people do confuse this type of stethoscope with the adult counterpart mainly in consideration to it’s liken edifice. However, this is wholly singled out by the dimensions and shape of the chest piece by the two. The pediatric stethoscope has a reduced aspect of the chest piece mainly designed to provide the most precise assignment.

It’s crystal clear that slight environmental deviations may easily disturb the newborns. Therefore, the design of this fantastic stethoscope encompasses the inclusion of materials that are free from cold just to ensure that the child doesn’t acquire some movements, especially during examinations.

The other captivating design factor of this fantastic stethoscope is its pigment which is mainly put in place to enhance the attention of the patient. In most cases, the design and shade of this great stethoscope liken to that of a toy. The primary motive behind this design is to keep the patient engaged.


Cardiology stethoscope resembles a regular counterpart. However, the little peculiarity depends on the sound quality.  Research has shown that this version presents the highest sound qualities. The other importance of this stethoscope is its ability to give the precise sensitivity of sounds of different pitches. With these qualities, you can notice even the softest hum hence any small purr is easily perceived.

Cardiology stethoscope presents a thick and comfy earpiece that enhances its prevention of any ambient noise thus does not disturb the auscultation. On the other hand, the tubing is well compacted to ensure relentless sound qualities.

Electronic stethoscope

Most of the time most of the acoustic stethoscopes presents some difficulties, especially in their volume standards. An electronic stethoscope efficiently resolves this problem by merely intensifying the electrical sounds attained from the chest piece then converting it into electric waves. This sound is then directed at better sensitivity.

The Electronic stethoscope is grouped into two classes that are the digitalizing and amplifying categories.