When people can actually see gnarly twisted veins through the surface of their skin, then they KNOW they may need varicose vein treatment. As the old saying goes, “Seeing is believing!” However, often times a person can have a serious varicose vein problem but not even realize it because it just so happens that their varicose veins aren’t showing at the surface of their skin. It also may be the case that there are some varicose veins at the surface of the skin but the situation is actually quite a bit worse deeper down where they can’t see!

Below, you will find five telltale symptoms that indicate that you at least need to get checked out for the possibility of needing varicose vein treatment. These are symptoms that people often miss for one reason or another.

1. Your Legs Itch For No Apparent Reason

Have you ever suddenly gotten a major itch on your leg, but when you look to see what’s causing it, everything looks perfectly normal? There’s no sign of an insect bite and there’s no skin irritation of any kind, yet your leg itches like crazy! Even after you scratch the area and things start to feel better, you find it’s an insatiable itch that keeps coming back! Believe it or not, this is a major sign of a varicose vein problem and you should have it checked out by a varicose vein treatment clinic like Metro Vein Centers.

2. Your Legs Feel “Heavy”

This is one of those varicose vein symptoms that sneak up on you because it comes on so gradually you don’t actually remember what “normal” feels like! This is why some people who have varicose vein treatment say their legs feel lighter even though they didn’t realize before the treatment that they were feeling heavy. This often happens when varicosities occur in the deeper veins. It makes people feel less motivated to do simple things like go for walks, play in the backyard with the kids or pets, or even go to the mall. They simply find their legs feeling heavy and they get tired much easier than they are used to.

3. Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps, and related symptoms like restless leg syndrome, are more common in men who have varicose veins than women. However, this symptom can show up in both genders. It is often not automatically associated with varicose veins because it’s attributed (and perhaps falsely so) to other things like too much exercise, straining while working, or poor diet.

4. Swelling of the Legs

Swelling of the legs is actually a very common symptom of varicose veins but when people don’t actually see varicose veins on their legs, they don’t always associate the swelling with a varicose vein issue. While swollen legs are not always caused by varicose veins, more often than not, they are. This is especially true if you notice a marked increase in swelling after standing in one place for a while and especially if the swelling is more pronounced around the ankles and feet.

5. Skin Color Changes and or Skin Ulcers

Sometimes a deep varicose vein problem can progress so much, you end up with discolored skin and or skin ulcers. If this happens, it can be indicative of a advanced stage varicose vein disease and you should schedule an appointment with a good varicose vein treatment center like Metro Vein Centers for a complete evaluation as soon as possible. Please note that with Metro, you do not need to first get a referral from a general physician. Just give them a call and explain the situation with the symptoms you are having and they’ll work you in ASAP!

Final Notes

Often times, people delay getting the tests and evaluations they need because they feel like they’re too busy and they think they can just live with the symptoms. Unfortunately, with varicose veins, the effect this delay is to allow the situation to get much worse. What could have been corrected with a very simple varicose vein treatment may evolve into something much more serious, or even life threatening, such as a blood clot.

If you are experiencing any of the five symptoms described above, or you can actually see you have varicose veins, we encourage you to get a free evaluation by Metro Vein Centers. They’ll do a duplex ultrasound scan that will show you what’s going on under the surface of your skin and advise you on whether or not you actually need varicose treatment, and if so, the best type of treatment for your specific condition. Good luck!