In medical markets lot of banned steroids are available as prohormones like Superdol, Godzilladrol, Trenzilla, MarkoftheBeastdrol, Beastdrol, Gonnagetusuckadrol etc. But most of the youngsters like to try Hexadrone. Let see the details of the Hexadrone.

Hexadrone referred as 6-chloro-andro-4-ene-17 beta-ol-3-one. It is not a sin to use this because it is a 6-carbon halogenated anabolic steroid and it is marketed as a prohormone in the previous years before it was banned. Hexadrone is mainly used and gives better results for recomposition, lean mass gain and cutting alike but it doesnot convert into estrogen.


It is falsely marketed as prohormones in the past and it is non-methylated which is used for different purposes, it doesn’t require to be activated by the liver.

Uses of Hexadrone

  • It is so powerful and the ratio of anabolic:androgenic is 300:80 compared with testosterone.
  • It will not convert estrogen.
  • Immune to the aromatase effects.
  • It is highly active compound and doesn’t require conversation.
  • It gives good results for the users by using Hexadrone.
  • If we compared Hexadrone with other medical products, it will be Halodrol with the AI properties of 6-bromo.
  • It is useful for the body builders in developing their muscles and looks good.
  • It will not convert to Aromatase because of the 6-chloro group causes steric hindrance and its enzymes.
  • It adds 8 to 12 lbs of lean muscle.
  • Increases strength and it don’t have water intention.
  • If it is non-methylated, then will be safe for the liver.

These Hexadrone is legal androgens for the next generation of androgens which helps in muscle gain and strength increasing.  It is suitable for men whose age is above 21 years. Mostly it was used by the body builder to show them very handsome with strengthen muscles.

Dosage of Hexadrone

This is restricted and has to use proper dosages like 100 mg per day (50 mg per time) 2 times in a day.

How users feel?

Hexadrone is so safe and mild to date that gives better results in building muscles and improving strength. It is so friendly for the liver ( if it is non-methylated ) and don’t have any negative side effects, the users are so happy about the best results and achieved their expectation by taking Hexadrone. It helps to add lots of lean muscle with zero water retention and the users received more benefits because of the more benefits.

Bodybuilders are so excited to use this Hexadrone for their better results in body building without taking many risks, it is identical to harsher androgens like 4ADD, Halodrol and M1 which is milders and toxicity levels are lower than the others. PCT (Proper Cycle Therapy) is recommended and it is still prohormone.

Thus Hexadrone are useful in many ways for body builders and others without any negative side effects. It is so user friendly for the human body and has to take after getting the instructions from the expert users or with doctors. So, you have to use this Hexadrone in a better way to get the better results.