It’s not always easy to stay committed to your fitness goals. When you set resolutions or summer body goals, you’re all pumped up to change. Without the right motivation, ending the fitness honeymoon phase also ends your regimen. Even veteran fitness fanatics must stay motivated. These three fitness classes are sure to keep you out of a workout rut.

  1. Yoga

At a time when reported mental illness is on the rise, a fitness class supporting positive mental balance should be first on the list. Yoga doesn’t cure mental illness, but it can build confidence, relieve tension, and boost endorphins. Like meditation, a combination of positive words, breathing techniques and complete focus can shift how you view and handle problems.

Here’s how yoga and other exercises for mental health can improve your life:

  • Builds confidence
  • Fights depression
  • Improves performance at work
  • Builds endurance to complete tasks
  1. Boxing

Boxing has been around forever as a sport and fitness tool. It works to condition and tone your body without a lot of equipment. Boxing is also a fun stress relieving exercise. Many gyms in Portland Oregon include kickboxing in their variety of fitness classes. As fast paced and demanding as the world has become, you deserve to throw a few punches to blow off steam. Add in kicking with taekwondo and karate moves and watch the calories melt away.

  1. UJAM

All levels can reap the benefits of UJAM. The class combines fitness and hip hop to work your body and heart. It’s an exciting way to get in a cardio workout without feeling like typical exercise. Don’t worry about your dance skills, just follow along and enjoy the music.

Joining a workout gym in Portland will put you in the right environment to meet specific fitness and lifestyle needs. The right fitness center will have expert instructors, positive trainers and classes that keep you excited about being healthy and fit.

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