Riding your indoor spin bike gives you the freedom to do different workout programs that you can use to keep your exercise routine fun and enjoyable. Some people tend to slack if they do the same boring plan everyday while there are actually ways on how to keep you motivated when using your spin bikes.

Preparing for the workout

To ensure that you get the most of your spin bike workouts, the best way to start with would be prepping your tool. Let us enumerate the things that you need before getting in to that seat.

  • Well ventilated room – when you exercise, you will definitely perspire a lot. A closed room with no air flowing may get you exhausted right away which could lead to not being able to finish your workout or worse faint of too much body heat. Having at least one fan and some open windows is recommended.
  • Water bottles – make sure you are always hydrated when riding your indoor spin bike. Keeping one within your reach will help you prevent from stepping down the bike every time you need to take a sip.
  • Proper gear – even though you are just at home doing your workout, it is always best to wear proper exercise gear or outfit for maximum performance.
  • Set up your spin bike – safety is very important, making sure that your bike is stable and ready for use is a must.
  • Floor mat – place a floor mat to ensure that the equipment doesn’t slide off or move when doing rigorous movements.
  • Always do a warm up – prepare your body for some serious battle. Do not go straight to any exercise program right away without doing 10 to 15 minutes warm up.

The 30 Minute Workout Plan

0 to 10 – Warm Up. Pedal in slow pace in a low gear.

10 to 13 – Increase the speed of pedaling about 95 to 100 rpm.

13 to 14 – Rest, do a slow pace

14 to 15 – Left leg pedal (single leg isolation)

15 to 16 – Rest

16 to 17 – Right leg pedal (single leg isolation)

17 to 18 – Rest

18 to 20 – Easy riding

20 to 22 – Increase pedal speed (100 RPM)

22 to 24 – Rest, slow pedal

24 to 26 – Increase pedal speed (110 RPM)

26 to 30 – Easy Pedaling

U can always alter some of the programs depending on your need. Some may even require more time for their workout especially if they are in need of some training. Some of the important things to consider however would be the rest time to ensure that you don’t overdo your muscles, warm up to prepare your body as well as going in a slower pace as you near the end of the program.

Checking on the best spin bike reviews, you would also notice that they have different kind of programs that works on intervals, climbing and racing types. You will be able to choose which works best for you or use it to have different exercise plans that you can alter to keep your workout challenging as well.

Tips While Doing Your Workout

To be able to fully enjoy your routines, you can always put on a good music to listen to while doing your exercise. This a great way to lessen the amount of noise that you will hear from your spin bike if any. It also keep you on the move and energetic. On the other hand, you can also watch some TV shows or even workout videos that you can follow to give you the feeling of working out in a class or gym set up.