Dentures are prosthetic tools built to replace missing teeth; they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Dentures offer various benefits:

A new start

Dentures enable people who have encountered dental issues to start afresh. They offer you a new set of teeth that look natural as well as are comfortable.

Dental issues can be highly harmful to your self-confidence, according to, as your smile is an important way to communicate and make new friends. If your smile contains gaps or decayed teeth, it can be very apparent to other people. Dentures then can have a huge beneficial effect on your health, psychological as well as physical.

Fewer visits to the dentist over time

Once you get past the initial adjustment period where you might have to visit the dentist more, dentures are easy to maintain and relatively trouble-free. Apart from cleaning them, which requires a similar amount of time as cleaning your teeth would, there truly is very negligible maintenance. You have to remember to remove them to allow your gums to rest but this can easily be incorporated into your bedtime routine.

Freedom to eat what you want

As you age, your gums shrivel which can cause varying strains of tooth sensitivity. This can bring a serious bearing on what you eat. Certain people will feel that they cannot dine in restaurants should there be no option for them to eat that won’t cause agony as well as sensitivity. This occurs when the enamel is excessively thin and the gums have shrivelled to a point that the tissue surrounding the nerve at the centre of the tooth can be affected by pressure exerted on it. This can be addressed by dentures because when teeth are removed, the ligament connecting them to your nervous system is disconnected. Your false teeth may rub on the gums but they are not attached to any nerves.

Specific to you

Dentures are made to match the measurements of your mouth exactly. Your denturist or dentist will work off of a mould taken of your teeth and gums and perhaps use an x-ray as well to consider the measurements of your jaw. No two pairs of dentures are the same, so you receive the most comfortable as well as realistic fit possible. Your dentist is able to customise the treatment to you and your particular oral issues.