How many times have you heard it said that the Internet is ruining the health of our minds and bodies? Over and over you are told that Americans are spending so much time online that they aren’t getting the proper exercise, rest and nutrition they need for optimal health. In some cases, that may very well be true. However, there is another side to it and this would be all the amazing benefits the Internet has to offer when it comes to improving your health. Consider some of the following:

1. A Useful Resource for Information

Any health-conscious person has a wealth of information at their disposal in the Internet. It isn’t lovingly referred to as the Information Superhighway for nothing! You can find anything from dietary information to health product reviews to exercises to current studies published on the National Library of Medicine and journals from leading universities like Harvard. If there is information on a condition that concerns you, you will find relevant information online.

2. A Place to Network with Other Health Conscious People

Then there are those times when a buddy system comes in handy. Perhaps you’ve read about a product like Le-Vel Thrive and are interested in talking to real people about experiences they’ve had with that particular group of nutritional supplements. While you could read or watch YouTube Le-Vel Thrive reviews, it is also beneficial to network with others who have real experience with products you are interested in. Social networking gives you a much more realistic and broader approach when looking for honest reviews.

3. A Means of Communicating with Healthcare Providers

Not only can you find new providers online, but the Internet is also a place where you can communicate with your current provider. Most clinics and hospitals now provide email contact information for key providers and this is sometimes the easiest way of communicating with the office. Most medical receptionists are overwhelmed with the sheer number of calls they receive daily, and so it helps to have another way of communicating your question or concerns.

4. Access to Your Healthcare Records

Speaking of communicating with your provider, you can now access your health records online 24/7. The government has mandated that all providers subscribe to an EMR or EHR since 2014 and so all your test results and medical information can be accessed via the portal your provider works with. It can be quite disturbing waiting until your next visit to get the results, but they will be online in your own access point the moment they are available.

Whether you are looking to begin a new exercise regimen or an online pharmacy to order your prescriptions from, the Internet has something for literally everyone concerned about their level of health and fitness. As long as you don’t use it in excess, the Web can be a powerhouse of information at your disposal. Just don’t forget to take a break and get the exercise, rest and nutrition your body needs. But, of course you know that, you read it online!