When you’re starting a weight loss journey, you might be really motivated at first. Slowly, that motivation can morph into hesitation. Unfortunately, the hesitation can morph into procrastination. When this happens, it’s very difficult to move forward. However, if you document the journey, it’s a lot easier to stick with it. Consider documenting the journey in these four ways.
1. Start a blog.
Keep in mind that this blog doesn’t need to be for public eyes. You might decide you don’t want to share your journey with the world and that’s okay. A blog is a great way to express your emotions and feelings. If you started taking diet pills one month and started to see the results in the next month, you want to document those feelings of excitement and pride.
2. Take pictures.
Even though a blog is amazing, a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, it’s so easy to take a picture on your smartphone. Take pictures once or twice a month, so you can see how much your body is changing. It might seem minute at first. However, as you continue to take these pictures, you’ll see the changes in your body. Make sure that your pictures document your body from all angles. It’ll help you gain a better understanding of how far your hard work went. It’ll also keep you motivated to continue to improve your body and make it into a lean machine.
3. Take your measurements.
When it comes to your weight, it’s best to avoid weighing yourself more than once a week. You’ll begin to obsess over the numbers if you proceed to step on the scale on a daily basis. In addition to weighing yourself once a week, there’s another task you can do once a month. Measure your body to find out how much you’re losing in inches. This makes a difference in how you fit in your clothes. If you lose a certain amount of inches in the waist, this increases your lifespan. According to many studies, the wider your waist is, the more susceptible you are to a disease.
4. Measure skill set.
It’s so much fun to look back and see how far you’ve grown. Even though the goal of this journey is to lose weight, you do want to gain a skill set. The ability to do push-ups, run long distances and lift a certain amount of weight is amazing. All of these tasks make up a dynamic skill set. When you first start your journey, document how many push-ups you can do in a row. As you continue to increase in strength, you’ll find that you’re able to do more each time. Keep a journal log of it.