We have always been taught that health is our greatest and most important treasure. It holds utmost importance for one to have a good life. Especially the kind of life we live in today’s era is nothing but a quintessential rat race. We do not get time for ourselves, let alone others. And when it comes to that annual or monthly doctor visit we make up tons of excuses and neglect our health. Our excuses can stretch from “I am not in a good mood” to “I do not feel like seeing my doctor today”. From “I am super busy and do not have time” to “May be next week”. What we do not understand is that this game of neglecting leads to risk of several other issues. But, there are many reasons as to why we should not. Some of them are as follows:

    1. Saving ourselves from chronic diseases: There are several ailments which can lead to death and to save ourselves from such hazardous diseases one needs to be up his or her toes. Monthly or Annual Body check up helps in unearthing such illness and fighting it till the core of it. Diseases such as Cancer, AIDS need thorough investigation for proper course of medication.
  • Economical: Yes, you read it right. It is much more economical to spend money on preventive health checkup as compared to what you might have to pay in case of colossal disease.  It is anyways not easy to bear those hefty pay bills of big hospitals and medicines.
  • Early detection of diseases: When you figure out the disease in early stage the chances of curbing it is high. But once the rails are crossed and you reach to the highest point it becomes next to impossible to find a medicine or treatment for it. So, it is better to be not sorry when it comes to your life.
  1. Prolific: When you have a healthy body and mind you can be more productive. With a health checkup you can not only discover the problems bothering you but you can also curb them. You can have a fruitful and happy life that you deserve minus the unwanted barrier of diseases, ailments and whatnot.
  2. Encountering two or more: Imagine going for a blood test and finding out in your test result about an aneurysm. Adding on to that, your doctor informs you about a benign tumor.  We hope that never happens, but what if. A thorough body checks up helps in finding out not just one problem of focus but everything that has been going on in your body. It ameliorates in prevention of every related problem.

So, it is better to evade such problems by a single step of having a complete health checkup. Remember, when you are healthy, you not only lead a better life but you also help others in leading the same. You can enjoy with your family, friends and have a bigger social circle and live life in true sense.