6 easy exercises to do without equipment

squats jump exercise

It is quite possible to work out at home to lose weight. So you can train at any time, without wasting time. Moreover, to lose weight at home, no need for equipment. There are a lot of effective bodyweight exercises that allow you to burn calories. Discover our 6 best exercises to lose weight at home.

Exercise # 1: Burpees

Burpees are essential when you want to lose weight at home. Being easily done in your living room, burpees are difficult from a cardio standpoint but accessible from beginner to expert.

Exercise Burgees how to do it at home

Concretely, the exercise consists of standing, lying face down on the ground before getting up to perform an extension jump. This sequence counts as 1 repetition.

If you want to lose weight in the shortest possible time, we recommend that you choose this type of polyarticular exercise. To lose weight, you need to be mindful of burning as many calories as possible. However, we must find exercises that allow you to solicit several muscle groups in one movement, which is the case with burpees.

In terms of execution, burpees are available in 3 levels of difficulty.

For beginners, we recommend that you switch from a standing position to the “push-up” position with your arms stretched out on the ground, without performing an extension jump. So you don’t put your chest on the floor, which makes the exercise easier.

For intermediates, you will perform burpees according to the rules of the art, while removing the jump extension at the end of the movement.

For experts, the exercise of the burpees in its classic version is already exhausting enough.

Be careful, a common mistake is to do a real push-up at the bottom of the movement to get up. However, no need. Once on the ground, raise your bust, bring your legs under your chest in order to stand up. It is therefore the action of the legs that will make it easier to come back to your feet.

Exercise # 2: Squat jump

Classic squats can be used to warm up or strengthen your muscles. However, when it comes to losing weight, it’s time to squat jump.

squats jump exercise

Video training for Squat Jump

Literally, it is about performing a squat (flexion-extension of the legs) followed by a jump in extension. This sequence must be carried out several times and in a fluid manner.

Here, avoid landing on your heels. The idea is to cushion the jump on your tiptoes. Ideally, you should make a minimum of noise when receiving, a sign that the cushioning is optimal, allowing you to greatly preserve your joints.

For beginners, especially during the first sessions, you can perform a 1/2 squat (reduced amplitude squat) followed by a brief jump in extension. Thus, the feet will lift slightly from the ground.

For intermediates, the squat jump in its classic version can be used. In fact, you will do a full squat, having your thighs parallel to the ground with a dynamic extension jump.

For experts, it is possible to replace this extension jump with a group jump. Thus, you will have to perform a squat followed by an explosive jump allowing you to bring your knees close to your chest.

Exercise # 3: lunge jump

Exercise lunge jump at home
Watch the video on how to do jumping lunge

Jump lunges will be more technically demanding as they will call on your balance. The exercise consists of placing yourself in a standing position, with one leg in front, one leg behind. From this position, you will have to perform a lunge (flexion-extension) then a vertical jump allowing you to perform a leg scissor. At the landing, you again perform a lunge, a jump and a leg scissor. What differs from the jump squat is therefore the spacing of the legs which will allow the posterior muscle chain to be more intensely targeted.

If you are a beginner, hold onto fixed support in fronts of you such as a chair or a broomstick.

For experts, jumping lunges can be done with dumbbells on each hand. This overload will increase the difficulty and calories expended.

Exercise n # 4: Jumping jack

In parks, group lessons or on TV fitness shows, you’ve probably seen athletes do jumping jacks. This exercise, known worldwide and accessible to all, has largely proven its worth. The army also uses the jumping jack to keep its troops in good physical condition.

Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. The exercise consists of spreading your legs while jumping, while spreading your arms to bring them back above the head. It is therefore a matter of performing a jump on the spot sometimes by spreading arms and legs, sometimes by bringing them close to the body.

For beginners, squeeze and then spread only your legs. The arms can stay close to the body. This variant is also useful for people with coordination and timing issues.

After a few weeks, you can try your hand at the classic version of jumping jacks.

With several months of practice, it’s up to you to test the exercise called “star jumps”. Initially, kneel in a semi-squat position. Perform an explosive jump to find yourself in X, legs, and arms outstretched.

Exercise # 5: Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers have the advantage of burning calories while mobilizing your abdominals. The exercise is relatively simple. Place yourself on the ground with your hands flat and resting on your tiptoes. The mountain climber consists of continuously bending one leg while having the other straight. This quick, reciprocating back and forth motion of the knees towards the chest will help you lose weight at home.

To break the routine, you can bend both legs at the same time, making the exercise much more difficult, or even bring the legs in an oblique motion to work your abdominals otherwise.

Exercise # 6: Push-Ups

Push-ups aren’t just for men. Women can also benefit from it for burning calories and gaining strength on the upper body. Of course, there are different variations depending on your level of practice.

The push-ups can be done on the knees, with the feet or hands raised, in a conventional manner but also explosively with slammed push-ups for example.

In addition to participating in slimming, push-ups (even more so if you keep your elbows close to your body) will work on the triceps muscles, which are a favorite fat storage area for many people.

In practice

These exercises carried out with assiduity will certainly allow you to lose weight at home. Combined with a low-calorie diet, you will put all the chances on your side to burn calories day after day.

Finally, we recommend training in the form of a professional instructor. Concretely, it is about linking the 6 exercises presented in the article in the form of a high-intensity training circuit. This type of training has been widely proven for weight loss goals.

Each exercise should be performed at high intensity, alternating 20 seconds of effort then 10 seconds of rest. You will move on to the next exercise and so on. This circuit of 6 exercises will last only 3 minutes. By completing 5 laps of this circuit, you have a turnkey 15-minute workout allowing you to lose weight effectively without equipment and at home.


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