To know what is hip Bursitis; we have to initially know what ‘Bursitis’ is?

  1. Precisely, What is bursitis?

To reduce friction and others stiffness between our body tissues, our body has something called ‘bursa’ which is a closed fluid containing sac and operates as a gliding surface. The crucial ‘bursae’ (plural) of our body is placed, adjoining to the tendons near the large joints of shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. When an inflammation (body’s reaction to injury or infection causing redness, swelling, pain, etc.) of this bursa occurs, it’s known as bursitis. Now as you have a clear idea of what is bursitis, let’s learn about Hip Bursitis and further know about hip bursitis treatment at NYDNREHAB (New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilition and physical therapy).

  1. Details onHip Bursitis:

The trochanteric and ischial bursae are two vital bursae of the human hip. An inflammation of any one of this bursa is usually accommodated by stiffness and pain about the joints of hip. The trochanteric bursa is present to the side of the hip and is notably separated from the hip joint by the means of tissue and bone. A great misconception which comes to people’s mind is thinking, bursitis is same as arthritis. Bursitis is not same as arthritis and hence, it’s not an origin of real joint pain.

III. Origin of Hip Bursitis:

Basically, bursitis is an aseptic (Non-infectious) condition which is caused as a result of inflammation from strain injury of soft tissue.At times, the hip bursa gets infected with micro-organisms like bacteria and this result in septic (infectious) bursitis. In rare cases, crystals from the gout or pseudo gout get deposited into the hip bursa and leads to inflammation.

  1. Acquiring Hip Bursitis:

The likelihood of developing hip bursitis is found more in people who performs various activities that put strains on the hip such as going up and down the stairs, stair-climber exercising, etc.

  1. Symptoms or Signs of Hip Bursitis:

Since there are two major bursae for the hip, both have different reactions to the body.

  • Trochanteric Bursitis: This condition causes pain and soreness of the outer hip. Hence, itbecomes painful to sleep on the part which is affected. It also causes a dull, burning sensation on the outer hip and becomes severe, if a person performs heavy and continuous walking, exercising or climbing the stairs.

  • Ischial Bursitis: Since the ischial bursa is present in the upper buttock area, it causes dull pain in this region and becomes severe during walking uphill. Pain may also begin due to extended sitting on rigid surfaces.
  1. Treatment of Hip Bursitis:

Now as you have a clear picture of the condition, you might be wondering, where to receive premium care and treatment? You are in the right place as hip bursitis treatment at NYDNREHAB is here to offer you with expert care and treatment and give relief to all your pain and sufferings. Extensive treatment for both Trochanteric Bursitis and Ischial Bursitis are available. We give all our patients, individual care and treatment plan by analyzing each individual’s sonographic and functional report. The treatments offered to each patient is determined bythe phase of the bursitis and on how much the tendons are affected. At NYDNREHAB, we offer several remedies to our patients like ESW therapy, physical therapy, virtual environment activitiesand variousother exercises to obliterate any kind disparities in the muscles of hip, lack of stability in the pelvic region, and return the weight spread and endurance of human body. We are equipped with all modern facilities and professionals to provide the best treatment you can get.So why waiting, visit NYDNREHAB now toalleviate all your pain and lead a joyous life. At NYDNREHAB, you are in safe hands!