MucunaPruriens is a popular supplement used for enhancing mood.This is naturally derived from Caribbean plan seeds and is rich in essential amino acid L-Dopa. L-Dopa is a chemical which is produced in our body and needed for many hormones on our body. This is used in medical therapies from many centuries and is used for treating many nervous disorders. MucunaPruriens is used for enhancing mood and sexual functions.

Plant fibres cause itching and has L-Dope which is essential amino acid

The popular side effect is the plant source, when a person touches this tall and leafy shrub, the plants fibres cause itching when its contacted with human skin. Plant has 5-hydroxytryptamine which causes itching. To get rid of itching one need to rub affected area with tobacco or cow dung. The beans and leaves of this plant are taken, then they are dried and later crushed. L-Dopa is which is in it is extracted. The powder which is taken now can be touched and it does not cause itching. This plant is grown in tropical areas and is used as a remedy for snakebite. Mucuna Pruriens when enters human body, becomes highly bioactive. L-Dopa which is essential amino acid, crosses the blood brain and will interface with the brain and central nervous system. This amino acid releases which help in boosting adrenaline and norepinephrine. These hormones produce energy, helps in muscle coordination as well as movement. The toxicology reports say that Mucuna helps in increasing the levels of serotonin which helps in enhancing the mood and helps in relieving from stress.Image result for All about MucunaPruriens–Dosage, Benefits and as Medicine

Benefits of using Mucuna

Mucuna has many benefits for mind as well as body. Mucuna promotes dopamine and serotonin which help in enhancing mood. People who used this supplement feel peaceful and pleasant, energetic as Epinephrine and norepinephrine boosts energy.  Mucuna is also seen to boost sexual health. It boots sexual desire in men and women. In men it increases the potency and boosts the testosterone. It has anti-oxidant properties which protects sperms from free radicals. Mucuna also has neuro protective capacity and helps shielding cells.

Dosage and side effects

Best dosage of Mucuna is to take it under a gram. It depends of the individual’s sensitiveness; it the dosage is less or more. It is better to start the dose with 100mg and see if there are no side effects. If no side effects are seen, then it can be increased. 500mg is the medium dosage where many people feel energetic and one can concentrate and even experience sexual desire. It is important not t overload the dosage as it can lead to side effects. High dosage of Mucuna Pruriens may lead to vomiting, headache and disturbed sleep. The person experiences high blood pressure, hair loss and hallucination. Not more than 500mg per day must be taken. If mucuna is taken frequently, one can become tolerant and with this they need to increase the dosage. So, this supplement must be used rarely and not daily. When taken correctly, it will be safe and also improves the quality of the person’s life.