MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. It is an enzyme which is decrypted by MTHFR gene. MTHFR enzyme is responsible for some metabolic process. MTHFR enzyme holds the sole responsible for the process called Methylation. In the process of Methylation the methyl groups are added to the NDA which results in complete change in activities of the DNA without making any changes in the structure of the DNA. The sole aim of imposing methylation process is to remove the toxins and waste contents from the body. MTHFR is also responsible for adding the methyl group to folic acid.

MTHFR gene test:

MTHFR gene test is conducted to measure if there is a mutation in the gene.” “…If the increased level of metabolism activity is noticed…” change to “If the decreased level of metabolism activity is noticed…” If the increased level of metabolism activity is noticed in the test then we can conclude that there is a serious issue inside the body. The increased metabolism activity leads to the increment of homocysteine. The increase in homocysteine will result in homocystenuria. In the MTHFR gene test the DNA sequence can be founded. There are two commonly founded DNA sequence variants are as follows: A1298C and C677T. The increase in metabolism activities can even leads to many cardiovascular diseases. Thrombosis is one of the main notable diseases which will be identified while doing gene test. Thrombosis is nothing but the blood clot formed within the arteries due to irregular molecular activities. This blood clot may lead to choking of blood and it even results in heart stroke.

How to treat?

MTHFR treatment involves proper diet, meditation, relaxation and sleeping. These activities provide ample rest to the body and it induces the metabolism activities within the body positively. The major contribution of the treatment deals with the relaxation of mind and body. MTHFR related diseases can be diagnosed extensively only after finding the level of the molecular activity and the methyl activity within the body.