Anavar or Oxandrolone is one of the popular anabolic steroid which was previously manufactured by Dr. Raphael Pappo of Searle Laboratories under the trade and brand name of Oxandrin in the year 1964. This anabolic was created for treating multiple diseases that included muscle wasting. This medication works in a similar way like other anabolic steroids and helps in building and accumulating of muscle mass. Taking this steroid, your body will get more efficient and it will provide enhanced stamina all through the day. Originally released in the form of a therapeutic compound, this medication supplies a host of benefits to the users.

This medication is very helpful for weight gain to people who have lost it due to some infection or surgery.This medication also increases red blood cells count and has been successful in treating hormonal conditions. Additionally, it helps people suffering from osteoporosis by supplying extra bone density. In fact, growth benefits have been observed in children who have been suffering from problems regarding hormonal imbalances. Anavar inhibits the release of gonadotropins that results in hypogonadism and can lead to infertility. Prior to taking this compound, it is always suggested to carefully know the process of its working, apparent benefits as well as probable side effects and hostile reactions.

Cycling and using this medication

This medication can successfully help you to achieve fat loss and it is considered the finest for strength, bulking and mass gaining. This medication has got an anabolic strength that is 3-6 times more than testosterone and the cycles of this medication can truly be bulking cycles without any issues. Nonetheless, this medication can enact some toxicity and strain in your liver functioning, so you aren’t advised to take it for the same time period like other injectable compounds. You need to include this compound in any cycle in the initial 6-8 weeks prior to its discontinuation.

The cycles of this compound can’t be stretched beyond 10 weeks and that too in modest dosages. For bulking, the cycles are generally run with identical compounds that are good for the purpose of bulking, like Testosterone Enanthate and Deca-Durabolin. For the purpose of losing fat and cutting, the cycles are generally shorter and here you must utilize it with compounds for getting similar goals. For this purpose, you must use anabolic steroids like Trenbolone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate, Masteron etc. These steroids share the same features and promote no bloating or water retention that isn’t desired during fat losing phases and cutting where the bodybuilders wish for a positive change in their physique.

Promoting muscle in men

There are numerous male bodybuilders who are fond of this medication as it has comparatively low progestational and estrogenic impacts on their body. Because of the mild properties of this medication, men do not develop female-alike side effects like abdominal bloating, gynecomastia or mood swings. However, the results are dependent on several factors like age, diet, metabolism, hormone levels, thelength of usage, lifestyle, dosage and frequency of dosage. Furthermore, Anavar inhibits the release of gonadotropins which is why a person needs to be well acquainted with this steroid before beginning to take this compound.