Zorbtive is a brand name and type of synthetic growth hormone or Somatropin. This prescription-only drug is recommended to treat short bowel syndromes. People with normal hormone function, should not use the drug. Many bodybuilders turn to growth hormones, growth hormone factor, and growth hormone secretagogues, along with the traditional anabolic androgenic steroids for building body, accelerating muscle growth and mass, enhancing physical performance, and more.

You must be eager to know how this HGH prescription medication works for bodybuilders and what dosages are safe. This drug is synthetic form of human growth hormone and produced in laboratory environment that utilizes recombinant DNA or rDNA technology. Just like our body produced hormone, HGH contains 191 amino acids. Zorbtive is produced by modifying a mouse cell line (C127) through insertion of HGH gene. The modification creates an identical structure and amino acid sequence, which is naturally created by our human pituitary gland.

The main mechanism of actions is to build tissues and an anti-catabolic product, which targets receptors of specific cellular types and can encourage growth. The function is triggered due to the presence of insulin-like growth factor-1.

There are more benefits of Zorbtive other than treating short bowel syndrome:

  • It helps grow new cells and tissues
  • Metabolism
  • It helps enhance or transport electrolytes, nutrients, and add water or fluid level to the body

How to Buy Zorbtive

The drug is produced by Merck and comes in 8.8 mg vials. Every vial includes:

  • 8 mg of somatropin or roughly 26 IU somatropin
  • 19 mg of sucrose
  • 05 mg of phosphoric acid

You will not find the drug is pharmaceutical or regular drug environment. Bodybuilders who intend to use it might turn to black-market resources or even the underground labs that don’t have license and certification. There are obvious risks of the drug, and the bottom line is to use caution.

In the medical scenario, you start using the drug at 0.1 mg per kilogram to 8 mg at the most. Bodybuilders are known to take higher dosages than recommendation of most prescription strength drugs. This is what increases the risks from these drugs.

Side effects

There can be side effects from Zorbtive even if used medically. However, without a prescription or recommendation, you are definitely at risk. There have been incidents of pancreatitis or its inflammation, which gives you sharp pain in the abdominal zone. There are changes in metabolic function like glucose manufacture and usage, and it doesn’t happen in a good way.

The synthetic forms of growth hormone have been linked to glucose intolerance, diabetes mellitus for Type 2 diabetes, and also worsening the condition. These indications have been noted in the realms of medical supervision.

FDA has noted some more of limitations like:

  • Peripheral edema
  • Puffy looking face
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Fatigue/malaise
  • Chest pain

There are some more negative reactions from this HGH prescription medication, like gastrointestinal conditions, infecting immune system, musculoskeletal conditions. You would need caution to use this product in the right way.