Traditionally, baking has always built an image of ‘home cooking’ in our mind, which includes appetizing cakes and muffins made by our mother. But with time, the concept of baking has taken a new bend. Roasting of vegetables and animal protein has taken the place of baked comfort foods. Modernisation of the traditional baking procedure has come with the name of Bakesplit. It is a silicone baking sheet divider with copious features and eminence. It has a multi-purpose usage of bakeware as well as a serveware. It not only defines varied food in the same tray but also demonstrates the elegance in you.The convenience of storing and handling has made it even more acceptable in the kitchens. The material being silicone, it is unbreakable in any circumstances and can be stored with other bakewares.

Attributes contributing tothe booming concept Of Silicone Sheet Divider:

Bakesplit has evolved as a blessing in the baker’s market, which is gradually making its place as the most ingenious baking product of the 20th century, for both domestic and commercial applications. Metal bakeware is available in every shape and size for the kitchen. It can expand and adjust between 11″ and 16″. It is impregnated with food grade magnets that keep the divider in place.The adjustable silicone cup fits in the existing bakeware. It is dishwasher safe, FDA/LFGB compliant, BPA and odor-free, and can withstand temperature upto 500F/260C. It enables makingvariousfoods on the same sheet and in the same frame of time. This saves not only electricity but also your priceless time. This exceptional silicon baking sheet divider reduces the number of soiled kitchenware apparatus in your household, preparing diversified food in the similar sheet, making cleaning really simple.

Diverse culinary in a Single Sheet:

We can find exceptional examples of unity in diversity under a single roof. The members who are diabetic need a special sugar-free diet. Both sugar and sugar-free dishes can be made on the same sheet without any hassle. Cakes and cookies for the members, who are intolerant to the dairy products, can be made along with the normal dishes without getting the ingredients mixed with each other. The same goes for gluten and gluten-free diet and veg and non-veg diet.

Commits to elevate your body metabolism & your reputation as a host:

Reaching the target point of your BMI meter is not very far if you are dividing your food in the baking tray. Gluten-free and fat-free foods are ready to be served with your family members. This will not only lighten your weight but also keep you guilt free. When guests visit you, instead of stirring the pan, you can assemble different dishes and put them in the same tray by dividing them with Bakesplit. Just set the time and the temperature and you are ready to go with the dishes. If you serve some mouth-watering baking dishesand useBakesplit, it will simply lift up the sophistication of the dinner table. Since it doesn’t have any thumb rule, it can be utilized according to your convenience.