By Paul Becker

Eating a balanced diet is necessary for healthy living. One of the most important nutrients in our diets is protein which contains amino acids the essential building blocks of the body.

For bodybuilders to gain muscle mass they need to consume a lot of protein. They must supplement the protein in their diets every day. They can buy the protein in various forms including protein powder, bars and amino acid capsules. This article focuses mainly on protein powder.

Basic Functions Of Protein In The Body

Protein performs numerous functions in the body to facilitate normal body growth and development. They include:

1) Stabilization of sugar in the blood.

2) Help in weight loss because it facilitates burning of excess fat and calories.

3) Protein contains minerals which are necessary in development of healthy bones.

4) Help boost immune system as well as enhance blood circulation.

5) Help increase physical energy and enhance mental activity.

The good thing about protein powder is that they act really fast. It only takes about 30 minutes for the proteins to be absorbed in the body. This is why most bodybuilders prefer the protein in its powder form compared to other forms. immune system

Normally, professional fitness trainers advise bodybuilders to take the powder protein supplements after working out. After exercise the muscles are usually depleted of amino acids and glycogen and taking protein can help prevent them from wasting. You will also recover very fast and you will feel less muscle soreness the next day.

Another benefit of protein powder is that it has no side effects, and if any there has not been any conclusive evidence to prove so. Apart from improving your immune system, protein can help increase lean muscle mass in a natural way. Protein powder is also a good supplement if you do not get enough of it in your day to day meals.

Why You Need Protein Powder After Work Outs?

Most trainers usually recommend that protein powder be taken after work outs. Why?

During work outs a lot of energy is used and muscle tissue gets broken down. Most of the amino acids and glycogen in the muscles is consumed. Your muscles become hungry after the work outs and will need more amino acids and carbohydrates to facilitate normal functioning of the cells. The cells are normally depleted and need immediate repair. You must therefore take protein to help them cope with the trauma you have forced them to go through.

Do not however consume whole foods after work outs. Remember that your body is already stressed. Whole foods will not help you recover because the body at this stage lacks the energy to digest whole foods. The digestion will be too slow and you might not get the necessary nutrients to help your muscles rebuild. What you need is a a high quality protein powder supplement. Mix the powder in milk, juice or water and drink it right after your training and you will recover and build lean muscle mass faster.

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