Coffee is more than an enjoyable stimulant to wake you in the morning. The latest research study has revealed that a coffee enema is one of the natural techniques used for detoxification. Unlike other types of enemas (saline enemas), coffee has the potential to benefit the body as it contains caffeine and other components like theobromine and theophylline all of which offer benefits that medical experts have long well documented.

Many people have never become aware of the power of a coffee enema; nevertheless, it is among the most natural methods used to detoxify the body. The procedure serves to aid liver function and helps internally cleanse the body. As a potent stimulant, caffeine is taken through the hemorrhoidal veins and into the liver where it promotes total body detox.

What do you need to know about taking coffee enemas?

Something you should consider while offering yourself a coffee enema is to use organic green coffee beans, (non-decaffeinated). Purchase a coffee enema set from distributors like “Coffee Enemas Australia and ground organic coffee. Take two teaspoons of coffee and dissolve in half a litre of clean water then bring to a boil for about 5 minutes. Allow the caffeinated solution to cool until it is safe to touch and transfer to your enema bag or whatever equipment you choose. Take the enema as directed and make sure that you follow instructions that came with your set to the letter.

If you are keen about detoxifying your body, you must be prepared to perform the procedure at least a few times each week. Some utilise a coffee enema daily for the first month. Initially, you may not be able to hold the enema long enough to yield the desired effect (about 15 minutes). Over time, your body should be able to build up a  tolerance for it making it much easier to perform on a regular basis.

What other benefits are there?

Not only are coffee enemas able to cleanse the body, but they will also help you shed the excess pounds faster than diet alone. The amount of toxin and waste deposits eliminated from the body can be as heavy as 10 pounds or more. Also, the procedure helps relieve bowel irregularity preventing an accumulation of toxic deposits. Thus people often report feeling more energetic after doing the procedure a short while.

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