Lots of people might have heard this saying,” Prevention is preferable to cure”. But you will find very couple of individuals who really utilize it practically. They understand the significance of this saying only when they themselves be taken in by an illness and existence provides them difficulty. Such may be the situation with tobacco smokers. They understand the proven fact that cigarette smoking in all forms can be fatal on their behalf but nonetheless they still smoke as well as in the finish, they need to pay a substantial amount with this habit that is their existence. Tobacco is injurious to health because it the primary reason behind people to be affected by cancer of the lung. Though, you can get cancer of the lung because of some other reasons also but it’s observed that 80% of the sufferers struggling with cancer of the lung is a result of cigarette smoking which can be by means of cigarettes, cigars or pipe smoking. Therefore, it’s the time and smokers must do just to stop this habit if they would like to live a proper existence later on.


The different some other reasons accountable for cancer of the lung in patient are:

  • Polluting of the environment
  • Contact with radon
  • Smoking marijuana
  • Hereditary
  • Existence of arsenic in body
  • Asbestos
  • Exposure of chest to radiations while undergoing cancer treatment

Generally, one does not see visible signs and symptoms within the initial stage of cancer of the lung, with the result that its treatment becomes quite tough for that doctors. However, Cancer of the lung treatment India can be done when the patient is afflicted with this ailment at first itself. In cancer of the lung, there’s abnormal development of cancerous cells within the lung area that form a malignant tumor. This is extremely harmful for that patient and needs immediate treatment.


Cancer of the lung treatment India depends upon various factors:

Size and placement of tumor

Extent that tumor is spread in your body

Stage of cancer

Health and fitness from the patient

Your physician will suggest you to choose treatments like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy. He’ll either go for one of these simple treatments or a mix of them based on your needs. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center is well-outfitted with the modern technologies and equipments needed for supplying top-notch cancer treatment services for their patients in peaceful atmosphere.

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