Most of the time men look for vardenafil generic to rectify the erectile dysfunction. It is good to have one but also look at some natural way to aid erection. Yes, eating selected food will improve the performance. Every individual can try this as it is all quickly available vegetarian food and can find the market all through the year. Five prominent foods for enhancing erection.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables – Nitrates

It is agreed that no food can rectify erectile dysfunction and you must look for vardenafil generika to provide better support. Still, it is good to eat some focused diet to aid in erection and help absorb the medicinal supplement. The rich content of nitrate in beets and leafy vegetables increase blood circulation to pump in for erection.

  1. Dark Chocolate – Flavonoids

Who said cocoa in dark chocolate elevates mood? But it is true that it motivates the mind and relieves stress. Also, you will feel good to know that the flavonoids in dark chocolate will supply more blood and increases blood circulation. Also, the natural antioxidant present in dark chocolate removes the toxin from the body and reduces the blood pressure. When these things are achieved, then automatically the erectile dysfunction decreases.

  1. Pistachios – Protein

Consuming pistachios regularly will ease the blood vessels and hence flow of blood streamlines. This will lead to a proper erection. Within three weeks of continuous eating of pistachios, one will feel an increased interest in sex and can find pleasure from the same due to supporting erection. Protein in pistachios helps in achieving all.

  1. Water Melon – Phytonutrients

Watermelon contains 92% water, then how does that help in erectile dysfunction? The remaining 8% does all the good to heart, blood circulation, mood, erection functioning, etc. Yes, the phytonutrients also called antioxidants helps in increased blood circulation. Also consuming this fruit will keep one light and active.

  1. Grapefruit, Tomatoes – Lycopene

Lycopene is another phytonutrient that helps in resolving sexual issues. Lycopene is best absorbed when used with oily food. Which means, consume tomatoes after cooking it and not raw to get benefitted from lycopene.

Try these five foods to enjoy a peaceful and happy sex life. Never panic about erectile dysfunction as it will aggravate the problem and not solve it. Stay calm and practicing regular breathing alongside supplementing with the foods mentioned above to improve your erectile function.