Motorcycle crashes are often common when drivers are not careful. Complacency often sets in especially for the “confident” ones. That confidence often becomes the source of accidents that could otherwise be averted.

Crashes can be mild such as minor fender benders or it could bring more tragedy like head-on collisions. Fatalities are more likely to happen with the latter. As prevention, drivers should be knowledgeable about road safety. As with proper education, riders should also be more patient on the highway since a lot of unpredictable circumstances can pop out of nowhere.


Sometimes negligent motorists are responsible for “Road Rage.” Road Rage is a perfect example of those unpredictable incidents that happen in the freeway. Road rage is described mainly as an argument or a fight between drivers on the road. Common reasons for this are:

  • Drivers being cut off.
  • Being behind a slow driver
  • Tailgating
  • Drivers getting annoyed by constant honking.
  • Rude behavior such as being “given the finger.”
  • Arguments about parking spaces
  • Disagreements in “Right of Way” situations


If drivers don’t calm down, things can escalate and turn worse. A lot of drivers involved in road rage cases typically get injured, while some get killed. To avoid such grim tragedies, here are some things drivers should do to de-escalate tensions.

  • Use a gesture that denotes “I am sorry” in an attempt to calm matters down.
  • Move to the side of the road if someone is tailgating you.
  • Consider things that you may be unconsciously doing that other drivers find annoying.
  • Use your horn only during significant times.
  • Listen to music while driving to calm you down.
  • Eye contact with other angry drivers is a big no.


People understandably get frustrated while driving on the road. It is an entirely reasonable response when one is facing the stress that a long traffic or a tiring drive back home gives. However, what isn’t normal is getting injured because of this stress.

People often need to calm down to go about safely. Sadly, road rage incidents can turn tragic as some people can get injured or killed. Situations like these are avoidable if only drivers can be calmer.