Breast surgeries, whether augmentations, lifts or reductions, are so often considered to be purely cosmetic. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve the way that your body looks or the way that your clothing fits, breast surgeries can help to remedy so much more than just the cosmetic concerns women face when they look into the mirror.

Back, neck and shoulder pain

Did you know that breasts that are simply too large for your frame can lead to an increase in the pain and discomfort that you feel in your neck and shoulders? Many women know all too well how painful their neck and shoulders can become after years of living a life with too-large breasts. Not just this, but breasts that are too large for the body frame can lead to a woman hunching over, which can then further lead to painful situations and concerns with posture.

As plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Norris has seen with many of his patients, reducing the size of the breasts can help to drastically improve the quality of life for a woman who has struggled for so many years.

More than just reducing the overall weight on her chest, breast reduction surgery will also mean fewer massages are needed and fewer trips to the chiropractor are required. Women often find that they can enjoy more physical activities now, without the pain and discomfort that heavier breasts were causing.

The rashes and infections rarely spoken about

Women with larger breasts don’t often speak about the rashes and sometimes infections that they suffer with under their breasts. Let’s face it, rashes and infections simply aren’t pleasant topics to discuss for anyone. When it comes to a woman who is already feeling insecure about her larger breasts, the last thing she’s going to do is talk about an unsightly and infected rash. Even with the most supportive of foundation garments, larger breasts can still result in rashes underneath or between the breasts.

These areas don’t often get to dry and heal sufficiently, particularly during the summer.

Unpleasant rashes can often lead to painful infections. By reducing the size of the breasts and also adjusting the placement, women will be able to get some relief from these infections and the discomfort that can accompany repeated infections.

Reconstruction after mastectomy

A mastectomy can leave a woman without one or both of her breasts. While this may seem like it’s more of a cosmetic issue than anything else, you simply can’t quantify the benefits of reconstructive surgery that will return symmetry or simply give a woman her curves back. Working with a skilled plastic surgeon, women can continue the healing process with the restored sense of confidence that comes from restoring her figure.

Whether to remedy a painful situation or simply because you want to improve your silhouette, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love with your curves all over again. Breast surgery can resolve a number of painful conditions for you but can of course also help to restore that sense of confidence that you have been missing for entirely too long.