This oil is produced by passing liquid butane via a tube which is filled with cannabis. By varying the process, it is possible to create cannabis oil with different textures and the product can be given different names. However, making such oil can be dangerous too since there are few explosive elements present in it. Therefore, it should not be tried at home.

This oil can be used in number of ways which includes vaporizing, smoking, and their effect varies by its method of consuming this product. Many people often think that it does not pose any danger. However, cannabis has certain short term as well as long term effects. Its effect is also dependant on the potency of the drug. It is however considered to be much more potent as compared to any traditional Marijuana.

Marijuana may contain about 15 to 18 per cent THC while the oil may contain as high as 80 to 90 per cent. Therefore, people who are casual users of Marijuana will not be prepared to use this oil product. Due to its higher concentration level it can produce powerful psychoactive effects. By taking its large dose, one can get anxiety, paranoia and vomiting too. There can be few other psychological issues that may last for few days.

As far as long-term effects of the oil are concerned it may be almost same as Marijuana. If the oil is smoked, then it can develop symptoms of bronchitis and create chest cold including pneumonia. Everyone who uses Marijuana, or the oil may not get addicted, but its regular use may create dependency. However, oil is much more potent as compared to Marijuana and it has the potential to make a person addicted to it.

The oil of cannabis can also affect in learning ability and social behaviour too, if it is used during adolescent age, when brain is under development. It can also influence the memory and judgement capabilities and impact concentration.

Long term use of both Marijuana and oil of cannabis may make a person low achiever and prone to deviant behaviour. They can also have poor relationships and behave rebelliously with peers who do not use it.