Exercise fads may come and go, but those who are serious about their workouts know that trampolines have long been a staple of the best personal fitness routines. They’re a useful and practical complement to any type of routine no matter how casual or rigorous you want to get.

The only drawback is that a trampoline on its own isn’t as effective as one that comes with its own workout regimen designed to provide a wide range of health benefits that bring muscular growth, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular well-being.

Until now. Welcome to the world of rebounding. It’s the most comprehensive exercise program that provides users with those healthful advantages along with many others that can work towards reducing joint pain from arthritis, squeeze those toxins from the body, flush your lymph nodes, and so much more.

As you might have guessed by the name, rebounding is done on a trampoline but not just any standard version you might find at your local sporting goods store or garage sale. Introducing the Rebounder Trampoline, a new take on the traditional trampoline-based workout but designed for those who have limited  time to devote to exercise and a reduced amount of space in which to do it.

The Workout on a Rebounder Trampoline

Rebounding has been created for today’s busy individual who may not have a lot of time to work out or might live in a smaller-sized apartment where comfortable living space is at a premium. The beauty of this form of workout routine is that you can set the pace to be as low-key and relaxing or fast-paced and high-impact as you wish. All of this is done on the Rebounder Trampoline, measuring just 40 inches in diameter with the added bonus of complete portability and ease of storage because it folds up when you’ve finished your workout session.

This is ideal for those of you who have precious little free space to take up with workout gear and the various accessories that go along with it.

But just because this trampoline is a smaller-sized version of those versions to which you’ve grown accustomed does not mean your workout has been reduced at a diminutive stature to match. Far from it, as a rebounding session can incorporate a full range of exercises to give you the level of workout you crave, including slow paced or fast paced jumping, jogging, walking, seated bounces, abdominal crunches, bicycle crunches, step-ups, side twists, high jumps, and more!

Sometimes all you want to do is have some relaxation time and a little fun in the process and while a workout can be a strenuous undertaking, those days where the stress is just a little too much might call for some casual bouncing to help the weight of the day wash away.

Whatever your reasons for getting on the Rebounder Trampoline, you know that you can set it up and break it down only when you need it.

Additional Benefits of a Rebounder Trampoline

Besides getting a great workout, the Rebounder Trampoline offers a practical solution for those who are living in an apartment or dorm where space is limited and you run the risk of bothering your neighbors with too much noise. This trampoline provides you with a wide enough space for jumping, bouncing, and squatting, while remaining small enough to be stored away under a bed, in a closet, or other method of storage compartment.

Needak built this trampoline for ease of use in all aspects, including set up, use, and breakdown of the product. Proper set up is done in seconds, not minutes, as all you need to do is unfold the trampoline and place it where you want to workout.

Once you step up on it, your routine can be as low or high energy as you want, without the worry that your bouncing and jumping will have a reverberating effect on the floor beneath you.  That’s because every Needak Rebounder Trampoline has been equipped with full impact absorption capabilities in the mat and the springs, while the leg tips have been covered in rubber caps. All of these components make using the Rebounder Trampoline a pleasant and quiet experience for you and those around you.

After the session is finished, simply fold the trampoline back up and place it back in the storage area you wish. Not all Rebounder Trampolines fold up and there are versions that remain intact should you so choose to purchase one of those.

But with the smaller diameter of this type of trampoline, the non-folding version can be propped up against a wall or behind a door or bed to keep it from remaining under foot.

The Home Gym at a Lower Cost

Let’s face it, gym memberships can be expensive. They lure you in with promises of no initial fee and free introductory months and you get all excited about dedicating yourself to working out on a regular basis.

But then the excitement wears off, the commitment wanes, you find it tougher to get over there before or after work and, in a matter of months, you’re barely there…just as those free introductory months expire and now your credit card is getting charged monthly for something you’re never using.

The Rebounder Trampoline isn’t just less expensive than an ongoing gym membership which can be nearly impossible to cancel, but you’ll find yourself using the trampoline a whole lot more because it’s right there in your home. The product offers you the wide range of flexibility for doing all types of exercises to let you customize the perfect workout routine.

So while you’re not just saving time and saving space in your apartment or dorm room, but even better, you’re saving potentially hundreds of dollars a year and getting the benefits from a fitness routine that works your entire body for a comprehensive and complete workout regiment.