It’s no secret that Americans are stressed out. We could use a whole lot of help with our mental health. Studies show that, collectively, anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental health issue on the planet. For many of us, anxiety is a daily reality that we are forced to grapple with.


Anxiety disorders, like most other mental health issues, don’t usually just go away. Even with treatment, they tend to be lifelong battles. However, there’s a lot that you can and should do to limit your anxiety and fight back against its symptoms. And, thanks to the widespread legality of CBD and the fast-growing market for CBD products, we now have an option that we didn’t have years ago.


What is CBD, and what does it have to do with anxiety?


CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that it is an active chemical in the drug marijuana. There are a lot of these cannabinoids, and they all do something different to our bodies when we use marijuana. THC is perhaps the most famous cannabinoid, and it’s the one that is primarily responsible for marijuana’s famous high. CBD, by contrast, doesn’t play much of a role in a marijuana high. It is classified as non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD on its own will not get you high.


But that doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t do anything — far from it. CBD is responsible for many of marijuana’s health benefits and medicinal uses. Taking CBD on its own will give you many of the health benefits that smoking or vaping marijuana would, but without the high. And one of the things that CBD is good for is treating anxiety.


CBD fans say that they feel calmer and more in control when they take a dose of CBD. And it’s easy to do so, because CBD is available in all sorts of forms. You can get CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD vape oils, and even CBD-infused cocktails and coffees, explain the CBD experts at Pure for Life.


How to use CBD effectively


CBD is incredibly beneficial for some people, but it won’t do much for you unless you now how to use it.


Start by getting yourself some CBD. CBD is widely available and legal (or de facto legal) in lots of states, including many that have not legalized medical or recreational marijuana. You can order CBD online or get it from local shops that carry it. What form you get your CBD in is up to you, but start with a small amount in case you want to swap for a different ingestion method later on.


The next step is easy: Take your CBD. Take a typical dose based on your body weight, and adjust your preferred dose based on trial and error. Not everyone agrees on how much CBD should be used, so find your own sweet spot based on how you feel.

If you choose a preferred method of taking CBD and manage to pinpoint the proper dose for you, you could end up with a powerful new tool for controlling your anxiety symptoms. Still, CBD is no miracle cure. It’s no substitute for professional mental health care, so be sure to seek the help you need from a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health professional. You should strive to keep the rest of your lifestyle healthy, too. You’ll want to get good sleep, eat right, and exercise.


By combining the right kind of treatment and an anti-anxiety lifestyle with the natural benefits of CBD, you could make real improvements to your mental health. Good luck!