In today’s fast and unhealthy lifestyle led by most of the women, cellulite disorder is the most common problem they have to massively. Eating junk foods and not taking part in any form of exercise is one of the primary reasons for cellulite formation in the human body.

Medically termed as ‘edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy’ or EFP, in scientific explanation, cellulite is considered as the dimpled appearance occurs in various body parts.

The most common areas where cellulite becomes visible is thighs, hips and even in the buttocks. When you find out lumpiness in your cellulite formation, consider it as a result of fat accumulation that disrupts the connective tissues that are there underneath the skin. This disruption gradually causes some visible changes in your skin appearance.

Apart from the unhealthy lifestyle, some other reasons that trigger cellulite formation are skin thickness, heredity, gender, age and distribution of body fat. Women are more likely to be affected by cellulite formation compared to men because of the skin quality differences.

The severity of cellulite formation in women’s body is divided into four types. Here is some basic knowledge that will help you find out in which stage you are in right now.

Examine your cellulite – The Pinch Test

You are required to carry out a simple pinch test to determine the exact condition. Use the index finger along with your thumb to pinch yourself in different body parts. The test needs to be conducted in both standing and lying positions. All you need to do is to find out the dimpling appearance in your body to make sure you are being affected.

Pinch Testing – Stage 0: If you don’t see any differences in your skin after pinching other than just fold, then consider your body to be free from cellulite reaction

Pinch Testing – Stage 1: In the case, you find out no signs of dimpling rather a mattress like formation in your body parts, consider yourself to be affected by stage 1 cellulite.

Pinch Testing – Stage 2: If you find out the signs of dimpling after the pinch test only when you are doing it in the standing position, your body has entered the stage 2.

Pinch Testing – Stage 3: It is considered to be the last stage of the test as you need to take medical advice and preventive measures. In this juncture, you will be finding the signs of dimpling after the trial in both standing and lying positions.

Steps to Prevent Cellulite

The sole aim of taking preventive measures for combating cellulite is to take care of the damaged connective tissues of your body. Mitigating body fat and enhancing the blood circulation are the other two aspects that need to address in the quickest way possible. Here are some steps that you may take:

  • Weight lifting for stimulating blood flow within the body
  • Adding intake of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet for promoting collagen production
  • Creating and following a diet plan to combat the stubborn fat
  • Getting anti-cellulite cups
  • Taking recommended nutritional supplements

Cellulite shoes, creams and massage contraptions are the most common names you will hear when you start addressing the cellulite issues. Finally, if you are ready to start your cellulite free life, our advice is to read next article: .