The CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) are given for kids and teenagers who have psychological disorders. It also includes young individuals who are diagnosed with a psychiatric condition that negatively affects their development. These psychological and psychiatric conditions can also cause complications in social and family relationship of the person.

A child and adolescent intensive treatment program can help with following:



      suicidal behavior

      impaired reality testing





      refusal to attend school


      language problems

Depending on their needs, 16 to 18-year old teens may obtain a service from either CAMHS or from adult specialist mental health services.

At the first contact, the professionals will ask a series of questions to determine what mental health condition is present and which treatment protocol is ideal and who are the best people to provide assistance.

      An initial consultation is given to the young patient and his family to talk about the most effective treatment solutions.

      The clinical case manager may recommend different kinds of treatment.

The choice of a specific treatment is often based on the kind of mental health condition that the patient is experiencing. This includes one or a combination of these:



      Day program treatment

      Group therapy

      Family therapy

      Individual therapy

      Inpatient treatment

      Further assessments

Early Intervention of Behavioral Problems in Children

Behavioral problems that develop in the early years of a child are considered strong predictors of psychological illness in the coming years. It is of utmost importance to address the problem early so as to prevent more challenges down the road.

It is possible to make considerable improvements in families with child behavior problems. Helping children get effective mental health treatment as early as possible by providing assistance to families have contributed greatly to minimizing the family stress and improving parent-child relationship.  

Parents of child and adolescent that are suffering from mental health conditions normally say that their youngsters are often displaying tantrums or an uncontrolled outburst of anger. Screaming, crying, kicking, hitting, throwing things or biting typically characterizes these outbursts. These behaviors also cause parents to feel distressed. The treatment facility can figure out and compare these behavioral issues to other children with the same age.

The mental health treatment centers for child behavioral problems works with the latest data based treatment techniques and assessing the possibility to make improvements. It is a comprehensive parenting program based on the behavior of children. By receiving this level of care, both parents and children are typically able to return to state of normalcy.